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11 Powerful Cancer Treatments That Are Used In Other Countries But Unavailable In The USA

alternative cancer treatments

1. Gerson IMMUNO-NUTRITION THERAPY: As early as 1928, German neurosurgeon Max Gerson’s nutritional immunotherapeutic management was hailed as an anti-infective treatment curative of tuberculosis of the skin in far-advanced patients who could not be helped by any other treatments. Pursuant to this, the world medical literature was flooded with positive reports from the majority of […]

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CHIPSA Gerson Hospital 5 Year Survival Rate Case Study

Gerson Therapy for cancer

5-year survival rates of melanoma patients treated by diet therapy after the manner of Gerson: a retrospective reviewOBJECTIVE: Compare 5-year melanoma survival rates to rates in medical literature. DESIGN: Retrospective. SETTING: Hospital in Tijuana, Mexico. PATIENTS: White adult patients (N = 153) with superficial spreading and nodular melanoma, aged 25-72 years. INTERVENTION: Gerson’s diet therapy: […]

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CHIPSA Hospital Breast Cancer Patient

Another Great CHIPSA Alternative Breast Cancer Treatment Patient Testimonial. Lisa was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2010. She came to CHIPSA hospital having a hard time walking and difficulty breathing. She also had severe edema and fluid was building all over her body.In just 3 weeks her edema went down tremendously. She lost close to […]

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CDC: Prescription Drugs Kill More Teens Than Illegal Drugs

Prescription Drugs KillThis is a great article by Raven that details that Prescription Drugs Kill More teens than illegal street drugs heroin and cocaine combined! The most at risk group is teenagers.“Teens don’t understand that if you misuse prescription drugs you’re still abusing drugs. Just because it’s not a street drug doesn’t mean it’s not […]

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Coley’s Toxins: The History Of The Worlds Most Powerful Cancer Treatment

Coleys Toxins

Coley’s ToxinsThe facts are hard to dispute. From 1891-1936 Dr. Coley had a higher success rate treating most cancers than we do today. Over 100 years later, Dr. Coley is considered the father of immunotherapy.Coley’s Toxins Combined With Our Other TreatmentsCHIPSA hospital has been using Coley’s toxins combined with our other immuno-stimulating and detox protocols […]

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Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment: Dramatic Success

Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment at CHIPSA hospital.Rheumatoid arthritis treatment doesn’t have to be toxic! Instead of beating down the immune system with toxic drugs that have harsh side effects, we use medications that support and stimulate the immune system to have what we call “healing responses”.At CHIPSA hospital we use the following immuno stimulating combination of […]

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Shocker: FDA Approves OxyContin Use For 11 year olds

​The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved OxyContin for use on children. The agency says that the highly addictive drug is safe for children as young as 11.With OxyContin and heroin use at epidemic levels the approval comes as a shock for many.Click Here For Your Free Doctor’s Consultation!

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Ibogaine Treatment Testimonial Fentanyl Patch User

Ibogaine treatment testimonial

Ibogaine Treatment Testimonial from an Eight Year Fentanyl Patch User“I knew deep down in my core that if I could do Ibogaine treatment in a hospital setting with standard protocols it could be safe.”“When I woke up I felt like a new born. My life is back. I feel like myself again. I’m looking forward […]

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Cancer Whistle Blower Exposes Cover-Up about Coley’s Toxins

Ralph Moss Cancer Whistle blower Exposes Cover-Up about Coley’s ToxinsAccording to the monographs of Helen Coley Nauts, her fathers “Coley’s Toxins” had a higher success rate in treating cancer patients from 1891-1936, than we have today. She went on to found the Cancer Research Institute in 1953 to study immunlogical treatments for cancer.Ralph Moss was […]

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Latest Update on Immunotherapy: Cancer Vaccine

National Cancer Center Singapore [NCCS], released a statement that they will be launching a new therapeutic cancer vaccine treatment. This is a US FDA-approved, human clinical trial for a cancer therapy that is based on the human immune system. The NCCS Trial is significant as it is one of the first trials that is allowed […]

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