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Ovarian Cancer Update: FDA Grants Peptide Vaccine Orphan Status

A substantial breakthrough has taken place in the area of cancer treatment studies for ovarian cancer. New research demonstrates great potential for the immunotherpay DPX-Survivac, used to treat women with ovarian cancer. In early studies, patients exhibited great immune response to the therapy, coupled with a low-dose cyclophosphamide. In turn, the FDA has bestowed an […]

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A Woman’s Life is Extended by 9 years Due to Experimental Cancer Therapy

68-year old Sandy Hillburn was one of the university patients who reaped the benefits of experimental cancer therapy. The cancer researchers at Duke University claim that this experimental cancer therapy has helped patients prolong their lives.During an interview, Hillburn stated that she very fortunate to have six grandsons and life-long friends.“I was actually told I […]

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Pactomycin analogs offer new, gentler approach to cancer treatment


Kathy Boltz PhDResearchers are pursuing a new concept in treatment of epithelial cancer, especially head and neck cancer, by using two promising analogs of an old compound that was once studied as a potent antitumor agent, but long ago abandoned because it was too toxic. Their promising findings were published in PLOS ONE (2015; 10.1371/journal.pone.0125322).The […]

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