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New Cancer Drug Treatment Brings Hope to Patients of Leukemia

A new Cancer drug treatment that apparently strips away cancer cells has just recently been approved by Australia’s TGA.

Cancer Drug Treatment Venclexta, which was created and worked on in Melbourne, has been approved to be used for certain stage four leukemia patients.  This new cancer drug treatment will be available to those that have not had any success with standard treatments and therapies. The way it works is by attacking and preventing the action of a protein that goes by the name of BCL-2. This protein is what allows cancer cells to keep on living and being so resilient. Researchers, worldwide, have tried to find a way to stop BCL-2 for well over 30 years.

One of the creators of the new cancer drug, David Huang, has stated that in many kinds cancers, specifically leukemia, the BCL-2 Molecules were found to be excessively active. This is what keeps the cancer cells from dying out.

“It was tought that if we specifically target BCL-2 we might be able to cure cancer”, says Huang. “We designed the drug to specifically inhibit BCL-2 function and essentially it’s designed to trigger the cancer cells to commit cell suicide.”.

Professor Huang mentions that the cancer drug treatment can be simple as taking a pill once a day. He also says that the process to have it approved by the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme has already begun.  Researchers have also mentions that patients using the new cancer drug treatment have gone into remission. Hematologist Dr. Maryann Anderson says that around 70% of patients that have taken the treatment respond positively and that 20% of those patients end up with no trace of cancer.

One patient, Robert Oblak, states that the drug is amazing and that it was “like taking Panadol” minus the side effects. Robert’s chronic lymphocytic leukemia completely disappeared after taking the drug.

The drug has already been approved for use in the United States and the European Union.