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Alternative Cancer Treatment In Mexico.
Enhanced Gerson Therapy Hospital & Advanced Immunotherapy.

People from around the world, not just Americans, who search for cancer treatments in Mexico choose CHIPSA Hospital because of our years of experience and compelling stories of patient success.

We are known as The Original Gerson Therapy Hospital.

CHIPSA is an inpatient hospital, not just a clinic. There are a large number of cancer clinics in Mexico that provide treatment, but given our status as an inpatient hospital, we provide a different, more comprehensive level of care than what can be provided in a clinic setting. 

In addition, patients choose us for cancer treatment in Mexico because we are at the forefront of advanced therapy, using a number of immunotherapies in combination with other cancer treatments, including conventional therapy in a truly integrative approach.  We are one of the longest-running cancer hospitals in Tijuana. We have been focused on the cancer treatment in Mexico for our patients since the late 1970s at our 5-story hospital just blocks from the ocean in Playas de Tijuana, a beach community about 20 minutes from downtown Tijuana.    

While our history is firmly rooted in the Gerson Therapy, we are constantly learning and looking to enhance our level of care.  Building on our 40-year-history as a leading center for the alternative treatment of cancer, we now provide an exciting, unique combination of alternative cancer treatment in Mexico and conventional cancer therapies in an integrative approach.  The result is our cancer treatment method for people just like you, or your loved one now includes significantly more than just the Gerson diet method.

 In conjunction with our enhanced Gerson Therapy protocol, we are able to offer cutting edge immunotherapies including checkpoint inhibitors, dendritic cells, natural killer cells, and other innate immune stimulating cancer treatments as well as a number of cancer treatments that are available to us in Tijuana, Mexico that might not be available in other parts of the world. 

CHIPSA is also using lower doses of chemotherapy and other conventional oncological medications to cause damage to cancer cells, while at the same time stimulating the innate immune system to recognize the danger signals and attack the cancer cells.

This integrative approach to cancer treatment is just another example of our commitment to our patients.  

Our goal at CHIPSA is to maximize what works for our patients and not getting caught up in the politics of which approach is better - traditional treatment verses alternative cancer treatment. We say, whatever idea makes the life of our patients better is the one we support, regardless of who had the idea or what methodology it supports.  

As we constantly look to advance our treatment options and improve the quality of our patients’ lives, we always do so while still keeping costs in line.

Our Mexican location close to the border helps us stay on the leading edge of advanced treatment options while maintaining great value for our patients in terms of CHIPSA'S costs.

We know there are several cancer clinics, including Mexican cancer clinics, that have attempted to provide our form of enhanced Gerson Therapy over the years, but few clinics or hospitals can even come close. They don't have the evidence or scientific documentation of long term remissions for patients treated in their clinics in the form that we do.

 As evidence of our statement above, in 2020 our team will be producing a documentary that will include many of our long term 5+ year stage 4 survivors.

We want to make clear that while we strongly believe in our protocols and our system, we are not aware of an all-out way to win against cancer every time. Even with the more progressive care permitted in hospitals & cancer treatment clinics here in Mexico, we still know of no guaranteed cure for cancer. 

In our quest to find what works, and to stay abreast of the advancements in alternative treatments and natural cures, we spend a substantial amount of time conducting research, reviewing the literature and the claims made by various health organizations, agencies and cancer clinics.  In doing so, we come across a number of claims made by some cancer clinics and natural health advocates that are simply disturbing. 

Cancer is a very complicated disease that attacks the body in so many different ways and there is no easy scientific answer for it.

While we can’t guarantee your result, what we can assure you is that we have more experience than any other clinic in North America when it comes to combining the most powerful natural therapies and cutting edge immunotherapies, in combination with other leading edge modern cancer treatments in Mexico.

We work to help you on the road to healing physically, emotionally, and psychologically because your body, mind, and soul need a comprehensive response to cancer.

These are some of the many reasons you'll see other hospitals and clinics follow our lead.


Excellence. Innovation. Leadership.

We are proud that several of our treatments have achieved long-term results on their own (see CHIPSA Hospital reviews). To our knowledge no other clinics have ever combined individualized protocols. We also offer outpatient treatment. Learn more. Click here. 

A nice side benefit of the outpatient experience is you can enjoy the Mexican culture between your patient care treatments.

Since our inception, we established some of the first multidisciplinary integrative cancer protocols in North America.  All our protocols involve the integration of Gerson Therapy along with advanced immune enhancing protocols. A five-year melanoma study done at CHIPSA, published in peer-reviewed articles in leading journals, yielded over a 600% increase in five-year survival for stage 4 melanoma. You can learn more in the article. Click here.

Who Is The "Typical" CHIPSA Cancer Treatment Patient?

To be truthful, there is not a 'typical patient'. Here's what we mean.

The patients at CHIPSA literally come from all over the world; North America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, the Caribbean and elsewhere.  CHIPSA patients come from all walks of life, all levels of education and all points on the economic scale. The CHIPSA patient can be someone who is only interested in cancer treatment in Mexico. In addition, they may have an interest in alternative cancer treatments or natural therapies, but our patients can just as easily be someone who has tried all the chemotherapy and radiation they could access.  CHIPSA patients are newly diagnosed Stage 1 cancer patients and those who are advanced Stage 4 and everything in between. 

Although it shows up in a lot of different ways, if there was one common thread among CHIPSA patients, it’s that they are fighters and not ready to give up on hope. 

If you’re looking for yourself or a loved one, your investigation should include a place that offers comprehensive treatment, combination therapy, as well as emotional and psychological support for the patient and their loved ones.  The fact that CHIPSA is roughly 30 minutes from the San Diego International Airport, makes it that much more convenient and appealing to seek treatment here in Tijuana, Mexico. 

Getting integrative (combining alternative options with some of the traditional methods of treating cancer) treatment in Tijuana, Mexico has proved to be one of the most convenient, safe, effective, and affordable options for our cancer patients. After people take a look at what other hospitals or cancer clinics offer, they quickly discover that by comparison, CHIPSA is the only choice for them. 

We provide significantly more than just a Gerson diet. We are a full service hospital with surgery and ICU suites. We have access to cutting edge diagnostic tools and treatments that allow us to take the needed interventions for a patient's cancer at any stage.  Importantly, a substantial number of our patients are living with stage 4 cancer. We will also look at your current health records in order to be sure we know what treatments you've already undergone and to help us minimize potential side effects. If you'd like to know more about our costs click here.

How CHIPSA's Cancer Treatments In Mexico Save Lives

Gerson Therapy

The Immuno-nutrition foundation as to how we aim to help the body heal from degenerative disease.

Integrative Protocols

Staying on the forefront of advanced integrative immunotherapy has been the key to our success. 

Coley's Therapy

One of the oldest therapies used at CHIPSA, Coley's fluid was discovered by Dr William Coley in the late 1800's.

IV Vitamin CK3

 The efficacy of IV Vitamin C and K3  has been without a doubt one the most exciting treatments at CHIPSA.

CHIPSA/Gerson Therapy Hospital Success Stories

The CHIPSA Hospital Team 

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Director of Out Patient 

Director of Surgery

Surgical Oncologist

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 Head Nurse

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Director of Cellular Therapy

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Gerson Cancer Dr

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Telemedicine Cancer Doctor

 Medical Doctor

Dr. Ricardo Ramos

Interventional Radiologist

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Dr. Jonathan Vallejo Frausto

 Medical Doctor

Covid treatment Doctor

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Telemedicine Cancer Doctor

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Cancer Nutritionist


Speak With A Doctor Today...

As stated before our hospital in Mexico (the hospital is in Tijuana) has been helping cancer patients all over the world since 1979. 

The efficacy of IV Vitamin C and K3 has been without a doubt one of the most exciting treatments at CHIPSA.

 CHIPSA has been fighting cancer and other immunological ailments since 1979. Our staff, including researchers, are always looking for the latest ways to combat cancer and disease and integrate them into our protocols.

 Unfortunately, it is fairly common to see alternative practitioners making claims that one substance or "thing" is an all-out way to beat cancer every time.

 We know from our experience of being a hospital providing cancer treatment in Mexico for so many years, that cancer is very complex and always evolving. There is no 100% way to get rid of cancer every single time. What we do know, however, is that CHIPSA has had great success treating many patients that were sent home to "die" in their home country because conventional medicine failed them.

Call 1-(855) 624-4772 to speak with a doctor today and receive a free cancer treatment plan, customized for you.

 You have the right to a second opinion. It's your life.

Our Scientific Advisory Board

Dr. Francesco Marincola - MD

Dr. Marincola is considered one of the world's leading tumor Immunologists. He is the former Chief of Immunogenetics at the National Institute of Health (NIH) and Founder and Editor in Chief of The Journal of Translational Medicine, ASHI Quarterly, and 8 other journals.

Dr Phillip Kim


Dr. Phillip S. Kim PhD.

Dr. Kim was awarded the human genetics fellowship by the National Institute of Health (NIH) at the  Cedar Sinai Medical Center. His research focused on the development of gene-therapy model via hematopoietic-stem cell mediated gene transfer and the development of ‘Geno-dynamics’ system to investigate gene function.


Dr. Vijay Mahant, MS, PhD. 

Dr. Mahant’s work can be seen all over the world. The co-founder of Auto-Genomics, he is a leader in the field of cutting edge genetic and diagnostics testing for cancer including liquid biopsies and circulating tumor cells.