A Whole Body Approach: Why CHIPSA Integrates The Power of the Mind to Heal Cancer

CHIPSA Hospital is known for it’s immunotherapy-based treatments that incite the body’s own, powerful immune system to fight off disease. Our methods are focused on harnessing the tools already available within the patient’s own body, and that includes the entire body, even the mind.

Patients at CHIPSA are not only receiving physical treatments, they’re also receiving therapies that empower them to gain control over their mindsets and promote full body healing.

Our mind is so powerful,” says Sarah Petersen, CHIPSA’s certified life coach. “What we’re learning now is becoming aware of our thoughts, creating clear intention, coming from a place of gratitude. And although that stuff used to be seen as ‘fufu,’ we now have the science to back it up.

In 2017, researchers at Stanford University performed a study that showed how mindset has a significant affect on physical healing. The study’s lead author, Alia Crum, PhD, said that medical schools in the United States should be training their physicians to be more aware of patient mindset. Unfortunately, U.S. medical schools have not yet placed a priority on the role of psychological forces in physical healing.

CHIPSA has been focused on whole-body healing long before U.S. medical research confirmed it was important. That’s why both patients and their families attend a weekly support group led by a life coach that helps them to uncover the emotional aspects of the strenuous healing journey.

Sarah Petersen was brought onto this team over three years ago to create a space and environment in a group session where patients and their loved ones can come together and focus on the mental, emotional, and spiritual aspect all that goes into healing cancer. “In my opinion,” said Sarah, “this is the most important aspect of their healing journey. It’s not just for the patient, it’s for their loved ones as well.

Patients at CHIPSA believe this seminar to be integral to our treatment regimen. One patient even chose CHIPSA because it was the only hospital to offer the program. “I was in another clinic six months ago down here,” she said. “While I was there for three weeks, I just felt this huge gap in my healing. I think probably that part of it is much more important than the physical treatments we go through. This is what I came for.” – Carolyn C.

Another aspect of mindset that the Stanford University researchers discovered was the importance of the relationship between physicians and their patients. Doctors have the power to make or break a patient’s attitude and determination, and far too often, the latter is what occurs.

Part of what makes CHIPSA unique is that each patient receives an individualized treatment plan from their doctor. Patients are not just numbers who receive one-size-fits-all treatment. From the moment they step in the door, they are welcomed into a family of doctors, nurses, staff, and other patients who are joining their team. The doctors at CHIPSA make sure that no patient feels alone.

Two weeks ago when I walked into this room, I was just overwhelmed by the positivity of the human condition of everyone,” said one patient. “I can’t even describe it or put it into words.” – Mari F.

Beginning a journey to heal cancer is tough on the body, but it’s probably even tougher on the spirit. That’s why learning how to control your thoughts and choose your daily path is crucial in helping both patients — and their families — to heal.

There is a lot of freedom and a lot of joy in knowing that we really are responsible for waking up each day and choosing our own happiness,” said Sarah. “All of that stuff really does lead to healing, and that’s what’s most important here at CHIPSA.