Advanced Immunological Treatment and Research Medical Center

“The Amazing Journey of One Remarkable Patient”

Below is the message one of our patients sent us to share. David is an incredible man who has undergone a huge amount of tragedy and turned it into a testimony of what faith, nutritional health, and integrative oncology can do for someone. He is a HERO and inspiration to not only the patients in […]

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Lost Soviet Research Reveals The Link Between Pregnancy and Cancer?

Leveraging clinically-evidenced placental based therapies to train the body to fight cancer What You need To Know Valentine Ivanovich Govallo, considered by many to be the founder of Immunotherapy in Russia, pioneered placental based therapies that train your immune system to attack and kill cancer In the 1970s, he treated over 35 patients with various […]

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CHIPSA Hospital Files Patent on Cancer Immunotherapy Combination of Checkpoint Inhibitors and Coley Vaccine

Preclinical and Clinical Data Support Efficacy of Novel Approach to Cancer Immunotherapy Developed by CHIPSA Hospital CHIPSA Hospital, dedicated to the accelerated development of nontoxic cancer immunotherapies announced today filing of a patent application covering the combination of FDA approved antibodies known as “checkpoint inhibitors” together with Coley Vaccine, a stimulatory of innate immunity. CHIPSA […]

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CHIPSA Hospital Review: John Havemen

  Jane Havemen, John’s wife was diagnosed with breast Cancer and they decided to seek out Cancer Treatment in Mexico. Here is John’s CHIPSA Hospital Review –  “On her last test results, she was declared 90% Cancer Free” –  “We Love This Place, Oh its different from the other hospitals” ……    are some of […]

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OutPatient Program CHIPSA Hospital Review: Rachael Magadan

  Rachael Came to CHIPSA Seeking an Alternative Treatment as she had been diagnosed with stage 3 Colon Cancer. In this review, Rachel talks about her experience as part of the outpatient program at CHIPSA Hospital. –  “I had enough of conventional medicine and I did not want to be sick any more” If you […]

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CHIPSA Hospital Review: Colette Erb

  Colette Came to CHIPSA Seeking an Alternative Treatment as she had been diagnosed with stage 4 Breast Cancer. –  “I knew I had to get there, I didn’t know how I was gonna get there, But I knew I had to get there. And I had to go NOW” Colette’s treatment plan included: Gerson […]

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Could Nano Drugs Be a New Alternative Cancer Treatment?

Nano Drugs

Treatments against cancerous tumors have always been a dangerous and complicated process. These cancer cells can grow and spread rapidly. In addition, the current available treatments are determined by whether or not the patient can endure the treatment process, and also the location of the tumor. Scientists are now exploring Nano drugs. With the options […]

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