Govallo Therapy Offered at CHIPSA

Quick Facts:– Valentine Ivanovich Govallo, considered by many to be the founder of Immunotherapy in Russia, pioneered placental based therapies that train your immune system to attack and kill cancer. These placentas are full term and usually thrown away after labor. – In the 1970s, he treated over 35 patients with various solid tumor carcinomas (lung […]

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What Makes This Gerson Cancer Treatment Different at CHIPSA?

gerson chipsa

The history of CHIPSA Hospital is in a way, the history of Gerson Therapy itself. We are known as the Gerson Therapy hospital because our hospital was founded by Charlotte Gerson, the daughter of Max Gerson, the man who created the Gerson Immuno-Nutrition Protocol. The hospital that is now CHIPSA began using the Gerson Protocols […]

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