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First Patient Receives Phase 1 Clinical Trial Dose of FS118

clinical trial

  The clinical trial for an antibody designed to treat advanced cancers has begun with the first dose of FS118. The treatment is supposed to target two immune checkpoint proteins. The study, based in the US, will be enrolling 51 patients who have been diagnosed with metastatic cancers. The patients have not previously responded to […]

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What is Immuno-Oncology?


  The immune system is a collection of molecules in every living thing that protects its cells. It relies on the ability to tell the difference between its own body cells and foreign cells, called antigens, in order to protect the body from the harmful antigens. The immune system has a set of proteins commonly […]

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Cancer Survivor David Dacus: His Testimony of Hope

Below is the message one of our patients sent us to share. David is an incredible man who has undergone a huge amount of tragedy and turned it into a testimony of what faith, nutritional health, and integrative oncology can do for someone. He is a HERO and inspiration to not only the patients in […]

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NISC-6 Shows Potential Against Skin Cancer


  What is NISC-6? Based on a recent study, a new compound found in cruciferous vegetables has been identified to act as the base for a new drug that has the potential to kill melanoma in the skin without affecting healthy cells. Two researchers from Penn State College of Medicine designed a compound called NISC-6 […]

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MRI Contrast Helps Detect Breast Cancer


A new contrast agent used in combination with MRI has been discovered to pinpoint early stages of breast cancer and differentiate aggressive and slow-growing types. According to Dr. Zheng-Rong Lu, one of the researchers at Case Western Reserve University, doing both will help the doctors find the proper treatment as there is no such technology available […]

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Does Potassium Deficiency Correlate to Cancer?


Cancer is a dreaded disease that spreads throughout the body by multiplication of abnormal cells. These abnormal cells attack good tissue within the body, in turn allowing a severe sickness to progress. A medical doctor, and researcher, named Max Gerson, MD., discovered around the 1950’s one reason why cancer is potentially triggered: potassium deficiency. While […]

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Breast Implants & Blood Cancer?

breast implants

Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma is an aggressive type of non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, a white blood cell cancer that usually affects older adults and is more common in men. According to a new small Dutch study, in recent years, the number of women diagnosed with h in the breast has boosted, suggesting that getting breast implants might […]

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