Historic Event Unites 22 Late-Stage Cancer Survivors with Top Scientists From Around the World!

 Last November, CHIPSA Hospital hosted a unique, first-of-its-kind event celebrating the lives of 22 late stage cancer survivors who, according to doctors, shouldn’t even be alive. Surrounded by world-renowned doctors, scientists, and researchers, these patients shared their inspiring stories of how they healed their terminal disease when conventional treatment had failed them.   CHIPSA is not an […]

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What Causes a Durable Cancer Remission?

Cancer relapse is unfortunately all too common in patients who were told their disease was eradicated. We’ve all heard of the patient who receives a clear diagnosis, only to be stricken with cancer yet again.   Why is it that the cancer came back?   Why didn’t the remission last?   This is exactly what […]

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Keytruda Now FDA-Approved for Patients with Melanoma


The KEYNOTE-054 Phase 3 clinical trial (NCT02362594) showed that the immune checkpoint inhibitor drug Keytruda decreased the risk of melanoma recurrence or death by 43% in comparison to a placebo drug. The drug has thus been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat patients with stage-3 melanoma (cancer has spread to […]

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Research Team Discovers New Immune “Checkpoint” Protein


A recent report in the journal Cell showed that a team led by Vanderbilt researchers has found a new “checkpoint” protein on immune system cells in active, malignant tumors. In mouse models, blocking this protein, along with using other treatments, has been an effective approach to treating cancerous cells. Checkpoint proteins are an important component of […]

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How Charlotte T. Beat Stage-4 Cancer at CHIPSA Hospital!

Charlotte Trainer Cancer CHIPSA

How Charlotte T. Beat Stage 4 Cancer at CHIPSA Hospital Charlotte T. thought she was out of options when she was diagnosed with Stage-4 inoperable Endometrial cancer in November of 2017. After having a full hysterectomy and 25 rounds of radiation, her doctors told her that the cancer had metastasized to her lungs. There was […]

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