Calling All Angels!!

CHIPSA Hospital receives inquiries from patients desperately in need of cancer treatment. Many have significant financial challenges after years of fighting cancer or are simply caught off guard in the prime of life by a cancer diagnosis and are often in financial ruin. Their entire family often suffers through the pain of fighting cancer.At CHIPSA Hospital we are looking for generous “Angels” to support individual patients and aid in covering the cost the treatments they desperately need to survive.One of the things that most people don’t know about cancer patients is, many times they are afraid to tell anyone what they are going through. Feelings of shame, frustration, fear, and worry are all very common with patients. The idea of asking for money, to them, seems to strike away their dignity. The stories that we hear are heart wrenching.Here’s a couple quotes from our patients:“My insurance has run out and the chemo has left me sick. I’m so embarrassed to ask for help because I don’t want anyone feeling sorry for me. I’ve lost everything but keep my head up high.”Sara B.“I was a young and vibrant person when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. The worst part of cancer is many people look at it like I have something contagious. My cancer has drained my bank account but I still have hope. I would do anything to go to CHIPSA.”Dan H.As you can imagine it is not easy having cancer and it is even worse not being able to afford the treatments that are available.We are here to help them cover the cost of treatment. Will you be an “Angel” and join us to make a difference in thier lives and the lives of their children and loved ones?There are two ways you as an Angels can support them in their treatment:
  1. Donate anonymously to a patient. (Any small contribution helps)
  2. Talk to the patient on the phone. Hear their story first hand. Support the person through the treatment (Many patients are suffering alone and just a caring phone call can bring hope and happiness).
All donors will have the opportunity to come and visit the patient at the hospital for their stay. The bonds of love created between the Angel and the patient can last a lifetime.If you are someone that has been fortunate enough to have extra income to donate directly to a person in need please click the button below and we will contact you with more information.