Cancer Patient’s 10-Centimeter Tumor Fades Away After Going To CHIPSA In Mexico!

John D. was diagnosed with stage 4 squamous cell and basal cell carcinoma in his neck over three years ago.

Last year, John had developed a fluid-filled sac on his neck that began to change, harden, and grow. The growth eventually spread throughout his throat all the way to the other side of his neck. Having metastasized to his lymph nodes, his doctors declared his disease to be terminal.

After trying a lot of different natural treatments, John came upon a seminar that taught people how to make a fresh green juice. Although the regimen did not shrink John’s tumor, it did rid him of the high blood pressure he had all his life. He then began to see that natural, plant-based treatments would likely hold the real power to heal his body and his disease.

John’s research into other cancer treatments centers in the U.S. did not give him any real confidence. “All they could offer me was burn, poison, or cut,” he said. “And they were really insistent that things be done the way they wanted them done and in their order.

Unwilling to go the traditional route of chemotherapy and radiation, John’s doctors told him they had nothing else for him. So he began to explore other options outside the country, and he came across CHIPSA Hospital reviews. It just made sense for him to learn more.

"What attracted me to CHIPSA was that treatments that are not available in the United States are available here. The doctors on staff were also able to talk with me about any treatment I found curious or interesting. It was reassuring to have professionals who have done this before guiding me along the way," said John.

For John, one of the greatest parts about his journey at CHIPSA was that he didn’t have to go it alone. His wife Linda was allowed to come along with him to all of his treatments and she was intimately involved in his care. CHIPSA’s accommodation of his support system was integral to his healing.

But what’s really phenomenal about John’s time at CHIPSA is the results he’s seen.

When he arrived at CHIPSA, John’s mass was measuring around 10cm and was over 3cm thick. Although it went down after three weeks at CHIPSA, when he left, it started to come back. After his doctors adjusted his treatment regimen, it shrunk again much further than the first time.

The mass has now gone completely down. The scar tissue that’s there measures about 2-3 cm long.

John’s number one reason for coming to CHIPSA was the wide array of treatments that were available. He was able to try IPT, Apatone, Coley’s toxins and ozone therapies, hyperbaric oxygen chamber, and of course, the complete Gerson diet.

I love the staff at CHIPSA,” said John. “The people. Everybody here cares. They are very patient with what we think we need. They are very patient with what they think we need and providing it. The environment here is really nice. We have a view from the hospital of the Pacific Ocean. If you crack a window you can hear the wind and the waves. It’s a nice environment. It’s a healing space.

John’s decision to travel to Mexico and heal at CHIPSA wasn’t always an easy one. It required much research and consideration. For anyone who may be hesitating about making the trip, John provides a few tips:

First, Mexico is “very, very, safe,” he said. “Linda walks around by herself during the day and even after it gets dark. The whole population here is friendly. It’s one of the friendliest cities that I’ve ever been in.”

Second, he thinks it’s important to have the utmost confidence in your doctors. “I’d encourage you to compare the choices that you have and pick the one that gives you the confidence in what they are offering.

CHIPSA’s treatments really resonated with John. He was interested in trying Coley’s toxins after doing some of his own research, and his experience with it at the hospital has been phenomenal. It has created a big, powerful immune response.

It’s a wonderful place to come to,” he said. “The people are friendly, kind and gentle. They’ll do treatments that you agree to. And if you don’t agree, you’ll talk it out.”

One of John’s doctors in the United States was surprised to see him alive nearly a year after he was originally diagnosed. It’s now been three, and John is still here, continuing to heal at CHIPSA.

There was no promise of a guarantee except that they’d be here and that they’d take good care of me. And those are promises that CHIPSA kept.”