Cancer Recovery Testimonial: Moreah Franes

Moreah Franes Cancer recovery testimonial

June 26, 2005

Moreah Franes

The fall of 1996 found me scrambling with the decision to do a lumpectomy operation on my right breast.

A well meaning family encouraged me to do chemotherapy and radiation later, despite my research into natural healing. Even with all this behind me, after almost a year, to my horror, the doctor advised me to get my right breast cut off. Shocked, I turned to the Gerson method of healing at the CHIPSA hospital in La Playas in Mexico. During the next six weeks, engulfed in many complementary detoxification, yet non-invasive methods of healing, I learned and studied why the body cells turn malignant. It felt great to gain this knowledge and grow in confidence. I looked forward to the lectures given there every other day. The staff there were very friendly and just terrific providing a very relaxed, happy and helpful positive atmosphere.

I met people from around the globe, as far away as Australia, who had come there to heal. How alike we are, I thought, even though seemingly different on the outside. Fear and pressure abated, as I gained more knowledge and confidence all would be right. A willing attitude to help oneself was the key! Learning about the fine details of the nutrients of each mineral and vitamins qualities in real living food and how they must synergistically with a stress free positive environment, was basic in healing. Taking out the toxins and flooding the body, mind and spirit always works; for it is the natural way mother nature intended in the first place. Those who use this principle with knowledge will always be healthy, as certain as there is a God principle! I’m very grateful for the love and help given to myself and to anyone who desires it. For two years after leaving the hospital, the Gerson Research Organization helped me to keep gaining confidence and knowledge, teaching me how to continue to grow in health till I was cancer free! I owe many thanks and gratitude to this institute. I still keep in touch and know they are helping all who want help to heal. As they build their new hospital on the beach, I would one day love to visit the new facility.

Respectfully yours,
With much love and my prayers,

Moreah Franes

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