Cancer Whistle Blower Exposes Cover-Up about Coley’s Toxins

Ralph Moss Cancer Whistle blower Exposes Cover-Up about Coley’s Toxins

According to the monographs of Helen Coley Nauts, her fathers “Coley’s Toxins” had a higher success rate in treating cancer patients from 1891-1936, than we have today. She went on to found the Cancer Research Institute in 1953 to study immunlogical treatments for cancer.

Ralph Moss was the former Assistant Director of Public Affairs for Memorial Sloan Kettering. In the 1970’s he leaked documents that showed that Laetrile was successful in stopping the spread of cancer, even though the hospital he worked for said it wasn’t.

This interview is from the documentary “Second Opinion: Laetrile At Sloan Kettering”. Dr. Moss speaks about the high success of Coley’s Toxins and why it isn’t available today in the United States.

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