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Alternative Cancer Treatment

Male Breast Cancer

For every 100 women who are diagnosed with breast cancer, one man will be diagnosed with male breast cancer. Those may seem like pretty good odds, however, it still means that this year in the U.S. alone, about 2,600 cases of invasive breast cancer in men will be diagnosed and approximately 440 men will die […]

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High-Dose Vitamin C As An Adjunct Cancer Treatment

High-dose vitamin c for cancer

The use of High-Dose Vitamin C for Cancer mitigation has been studied for years. While there is little evidence to say that Vitamin C by itself will cure cancer, studies have shown it to kill cancer cells, slow the growth of cancers and greatly improve the effectiveness of other cancer treatments. According to the National […]

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11 Powerful Cancer Treatments That Are Used In Other Countries But Unavailable In The USA

alternative cancer treatments

1. Gerson IMMUNO-NUTRITION THERAPY: As early as 1928, German neurosurgeon Max Gerson’s nutritional immunotherapeutic management was hailed as an anti-infective treatment curative of tuberculosis of the skin in far-advanced patients who could not be helped by any other treatments. Pursuant to this, the world medical literature was flooded with positive reports from the majority of […]

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A Woman’s Life is Extended by 9 years Due to Experimental Cancer Therapy

68-year old Sandy Hillburn was one of the university patients who reaped the benefits of experimental cancer therapy. The cancer researchers at Duke University claim that this experimental cancer therapy has helped patients prolong their lives. During an interview, Hillburn stated that she very fortunate to have six grandsons and life-long friends. “I was actually told I […]

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