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What is Immuno-Oncology?


  The immune system is a collection of molecules in every living thing that protects its cells. It relies on the ability to tell the difference between its own body cells and foreign cells, called antigens, in order to protect the body from the harmful antigens. The immune system has a set of proteins commonly […]

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Cancer Survivor David D. & His Testimony of Hope

Below is the message one of our patients sent us to share. David is an incredible man who has undergone a huge amount of tragedy and turned it into a testimony of what faith, nutritional health, and integrative oncology can do for someone. He is a HERO and inspiration to not only the patients in […]

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Does Potassium Deficiency Correlate to Cancer?


Cancer is a dreaded disease that spreads throughout the body by multiplication of abnormal cells. These abnormal cells attack good tissue within the body, in turn allowing a severe sickness to progress. A medical doctor, and researcher, named Max Gerson, MD., discovered around the 1950’s one reason why cancer is potentially triggered: potassium deficiency. While […]

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NK Cell Function Identified in Mice

NK cell

A new checkpoint protein that hampers natural killer (NK) cell-mediated tumor immunity was recently discovered by Australian researchers. Results from the study shows that depleting this protein in mice makes them resistant to a lot of solid cancers by turning on NK cell activity. This study, “CIS is a potent checkpoint in NK cell mediated […]

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Capturing CTCs


Circulating Tumor Cells or CTCs, have been recognized by scientists as potentially beneficial metrics for tracking a patient’s disease for some time, but these cells are difficult to find, because they are drowned out by billions of ordinary red blood cells and other cells found in the blood. With current technologies only recognizing a handful […]

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Disrupting Melanoma Defense Mechanism


Melanoma is a very aggressive type of skin cancer that develops from melanocytes – the skin’s pigment-producing cells. Although uncommon, melanoma has the highest mortality rate and the highest potential to spread out of all skin cancers, which verifies that it can be fatal. Since it is particularly tough to treat when it mutates, melanoma […]

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Autophagy & the Cancer Cell Survival Strategy


Sometimes regular treatments such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy can only do so much against some cancers due to the cancers’ different ways to thrive. However, scientists have found a way by manipulating cellular processes through bypass of one of cancer’s self-preservation mechanisms. Autophagy, a term that means “self-devouring” in Greek, is commonly the cells’ way […]

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Microchip Technology Capturing CTC Clusters

CTC clusters

Funded by the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering (NIBIB), part of the National Institutes of Health, researchers have developed a microfluidic chip that can capture rare clusters of circulating tumor cells, a game-changing discovery that could result to new important insights into how cancer spreads. What are circulating tumor cells? Circulating tumor cells […]

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Unraveling the Cancer Genome

caner genome

Unraveling the Cancer Genome   An in-depth look and research into the genomic analysis on a set of molecular and clinical data from over 10,000 tumors constituting to 33 cancer types, also known as the PanCancer Atlas, was finalized by researchers funded by the National Institutes of Health. In a collaboration between National Human Genome […]

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