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Processed Foods are a Leading Cause of Cancer?

Processed foods can be very detrimental to your health. Yes, it is hard to stay away from these foods because they taste so good, but is it worth it if it could lead to getting cancer? According to scientists, people that consume excess processed foods can lead to high risk of cancer. These kinds of […]

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New Partnership Initiates Development of New Cancer Vaccines


 Two companies named Vedantra Pharmaceuticals and Neon Therapeutics have entered a partnership to begin cancer vaccine research. They have decided to do this collaborative work to further develop cancer vaccines that stimulate the body’s immune system and response, so healthy body cells expand and tumor cells can be specifically targeted and eliminated. Both companies have […]

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Proof of Concept Established for New Cancer Vaccine

A company called Nanobiotix has established proof of concept (POC) for a new product in the fight against cancer. Proof of concept means that there is evidence that the new drug could be effective. The product is a new and innovative way to fight cancer at the cellular level. The product is called NBTXR3 and […]

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New Development of CAR T-Cell Product Therapies

A recent partnership between Blubird Bio and TC BioPharm has been formed with the intent of developing Gamma Delta CAR T-Cell product therapies for cancer treatment. The agreement was put into place to expand TC BioPharm’s existing Gamma Delta CAR T-Cell program through clinical trials. “Emerging research suggests that gamma delta T cells may constitute […]

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New Cancer Vaccine Experiment Involving Glioblastoma in Mice

Researchers recently tested a new combination therapy for cancer on mice that had a specific kind of brain tumor called glioblastoma. The two combined therapies were an anti tumor vaccine with what is called a checkpoint inhibitor. These inhibitors block proteins that the cancer cell needs to survive and thereby help control its growth. The […]

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Links to Head and Neck Cancer from HPV Virus

Over the past several decades, there has been a significant increase of men with oropharyngeal cancer, or cancer of the head, neck, or throat. Studies showed a 300% increase among men in the past forty years. Doctors began to research what was causing the influx of this disease and found a common thread amongst many […]

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“The Amazing Journey of One Remarkable Patient”

Below is the message one of our patients sent us to share. David is an incredible man who has undergone a huge amount of tragedy and turned it into a testimony of what faith, nutritional health, and integrative oncology can do for someone. He is a HERO and inspiration to not only the patients in […]

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