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What Makes This Gerson Cancer Treatment Different at CHIPSA?

gerson chipsa

The history of CHIPSA Hospital is in a way, the history of Gerson Therapy itself. We are known as the Gerson Therapy hospital because our hospital was founded by Charlotte Gerson, the daughter of Max Gerson, the man who created the Gerson Immuno-Nutrition Protocol. The hospital that is now CHIPSA began using the Gerson Protocols […]

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Does Potassium Deficiency Correlate to Cancer?


Cancer is a dreaded disease that spreads throughout the body by multiplication of abnormal cells. These abnormal cells attack good tissue within the body, in turn allowing a severe sickness to progress. A medical doctor, and researcher, named Max Gerson, MD., discovered around the 1950’s one reason why cancer is potentially triggered: potassium deficiency. While […]

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The Benefits Of Drinking Gerson Green Juices

People are often looking for effective ways to keep their bodies healthy. There are many different ways of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and of one of the most effective alternatives is drinking Gerson green juices. The Gerson Therapy was developed by Dr. Max Gerson is the 1930’s. Initially he used the therapy to treat his […]

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CHIPSA Hospital Is No Scam See Why.

  John’s wife was diagnosed with breast Cancer and they decided to seek out Cancer Treatment in Mexico.   Click the video above to listen to John’s CHIPSA Hospital Review  We Help You Face What Is Likely The Biggest Challenge Of Your Life. We’re real people, trying to help people, who are facing a real […]

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Eric V. Returns to Chipsa Hospital – “I Feel GREAT”

Erick returns to Chipsa Hospital as part of the “Outpatient” Program. –  “My Energy is good” –  “I Couldn’t even drive when I first came out here” –  “I Feel GREAT”   Some of the words he shared with us.   As he continues to progress, we will follow his amazing story.   If you […]

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CHIPSA Hospital Review: Larry R. Brings His Wife

CHIPSA Hospital Review

Connie R., Larry’s wife was diagnosed with stage 4 Lung Cancer and they decided to seek out Cancer Treatment in Mexico. Here is Larry’s CHIPSA Hospital Review “When we first arrived, she couldn’t stop coughing, and shortly after a few weeks into her treatments, her coughing has basically stopped”……are some of the words Larry used […]

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Rock n Roll Hall Of Famer, Wanda Jackson Reviews CHIPSA Hospital

Wanda Jackson CHIPSA

  “The First Lady of Rockabilly”, Wanda Jackson gives her CHIPSA Hospital Review in this video. Wanda came to us for treatment with her arthritis and various autoimmune conditions. In this video she describes her stay and conditions at CHIPSA Hospital in Tijuana, Mexico. Her treatment plan included the Gerson Immun-nutrition protocol, hyperbaric oxygen, intravenous […]

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5 Easy Ways To Detoxify Your Body Naturally And Quickly

Human beings just weren’t made to withstand inhaling hazardous smog or eat genetically modified crops dusted with deadly chemicals that is essentially rat poison and as such we don’t have many defenses against these unnatural predators. Fortunately, a detoxification program is the perfect way to expel these invaders and bring your body into balance. Consider the […]

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Cancer Death Rates Fall: Early Detection is Key

According to a study published on January 5th by the American Cancer Society, between 1991 and 2014 we have seen a 25 percent decrease amongst deaths in the United States caused by cancer. That’s an estimated 2.1 million people. The decreases were most noticeable amongst four types of cancer: lung, breast, prostate, and colorectal. These […]

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