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From Hospice To Healed! CHIPSA Saves Another Cancer Patient!

Shawnee, OKC – Meet Stacy W. a 53 years old mother and grandmother who was diagnosed with Stage 4 Squamous cell nasopharyngeal cancer for the third time. (She had previously beat cancer in 2008 and 2011)It all started with mild nasal congestion, Stacy says, followed by double vision that made life unbearable. At first Stacy “toughed” […]

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CHIPSA Hospital Out Patient is Now Open and Seeing Patients


On behalf of the entire team at CHIPSA Hospital, We would like to take a moment to say thank you again for everyone for their loyalty and support during these unprecedented times. The past several months has been unlike anything anyone has ever experienced, and we’re working hard to evolve so we can continue to […]

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4 Reasons to Heal DURING the Holidays at CHIPSA!

The holiday season is upon us, and CHIPSA is ready for it!  Not only is the hospital open during the holidays, it’s also one of the BEST places you can be. We know it seems impossible to leave behind family celebrations to come to a hospital. But this is not a typical hospital. You won’t […]

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Govallo Therapy Offered at CHIPSA

Quick Facts: – Valentine Ivanovich Govallo, considered by many to be the founder of Immunotherapy in Russia, pioneered placental based therapies that train your immune system to attack and kill cancer. These placentas are full term and usually thrown away after labor.   – In the 1970s, he treated over 35 patients with various solid […]

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What Causes a Durable Cancer Remission?

Cancer relapse is unfortunately all too common in patients who were told their disease was eradicated. We’ve all heard of the patient who receives a clear diagnosis, only to be stricken with cancer yet again.   Why is it that the cancer came back?   Why didn’t the remission last?   This is exactly what […]

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