Breast Cancer Patient Rita K. Goes To CHIPSA In Mexico and Shares Her Experience Almost One Year Later!

In November of 2017, Rita K. heard the words nobody wants to hear “You Have Cancer”.

Rita described this experience as being “devastated”, “shocked” and “traumatized”. What made this even more frustrating, is that this diagnosis was a reoccurrence of breast cancer that she thought was under control.

Rita had already been working with the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Fl and her only options, according to her physicians were conventional treatments. They wanted her to do chemotherapy, radiation and only then after those treatments were finished, would she be eligible for surgery.

That was a route she was not willing to take.

Not one to just accept her circumstance, Rita took immediate action and began searching for other treatment options. She had considered flying to Germany and also California, but a friend of hers told her about CHIPSA Hospital in Tijuana, Mexico that she had seen on Facebook.  After diligent researching Chipsa and having a call with doctors at the hospital, Rita felt that the therapies at CHIPSA aligned with what she wanted.

The Journey To Mexico

At first, it was difficult for Rita to find comfort in traveling to Mexico to begin cancer treatments. She was afraid of going somewhere outside of the U.S. and going against the grain by treating her cancer with an integrative approach.

Her friends and family also instilled some of those fears by questioning her decisions and warning her not to go. Rita's patient intake specialist, Sara Petersen, was able to connect her with a past patient, who had a similar breast cancer diagnosis. Rita got the sense of peace she needed to make the trip and get started with her healing journey.

The doctors at CHIPSA said that Rita was a good candidate for their treatments, as they felt her type of breast cancer would respond well to surgery and the CHIPSA treatment protocols.  

Her disease was relatively advanced, as 8 out 15 of her nodules came up positive. But CHIPSA is used to treating advanced disease like hers. She spent 3 weeks at CHIPSA and followed their general protocol with immunologic and nutritional treatments, including Apatone, intravenous ozone treatments, PEMF, and the hyperbaric chamber. The doctors expected her to have a good outcome since she was treated in a timely manner.

“My experience at CHIPSA hospital gave me the peace and confidence that I needed to get through my cancer treatments,” says Rita. “The staff is pleasant, diligent, and highly dedicated. You can tell that everyone loves their job. It makes you feel like you’re in the right place getting the right treatments. The mood there is positive. They are sweet, kind and caring, they are knowledgeable, efficient, and proficient. It couldn’t be better than it is.”

Rita's Advice For Cancer Patients

Rita urges those considering CHIPSA for their cancer treatments to just go for it. “I feel highly confident in their protocols,” she says. “They are on the leading edge; they are doing it right. They make it easy.”

After her 3 week stay at CHIPSA, the aftercare staff helped her transition back home so she could continue the regimen there. They loaded her up with the supplements she needed, and once she was in the groove, it was easy for her to maintain.

Now that Rita has gotten her second set of MRI scans back, which were clear of breast cancer, she is free to focus on her future. She wants to tap into her sense of creativity in her next phase of life, and she aims to see the joy in every moment. She wants to do things that are more fun. She wants to focus on all the good that life has to offer. She wants to be happy, healthy, and prosperous. She feels that she can only look forward to all of these things because she chose CHIPSA.

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