CHIPSA Doctors

Dr. Matt Schelecten

Dr. Matt Schlechten is an incredible guy with an even better reputation in the cancer community.

- Dr. Matt is a Naturopathic Physician consulting on natural medicine therapies for CHIPSA hospital.  

- He completed his training from Southwest College of Natural Medicine in 2002.  

- He practiced for 16 years in Hamilton, Montana specializing in IV support for cancer patients before joining the team at CHIPSA. 

- His mission is to create an intergalactic task force to work to eradicate cancer from the planet.

Dr. Pavel Chao

- Medical Doctor.

- Studied at Universidad Autonoma de Baja California

I like working at CHIPSA because:

1. I feel im helping people in need, not only as a doctor but as a person, I get the chance to listen to what people actually have to say.

2. Because these are not only conventional treatments, is integrative medicine, which allows me to think outside the box.

3. I’m a believer that if we all took care of the person next to us we would create a huge family, co-workers, doctors and patients. Put simply: Welcome to the CHIPSA Family.

Dra. Ana Paola Zaragoza

Dr Ana Paola Zaragoza

I got my medical degree at Universidad de Autónoma de Baja California, I’ve always found the immune system to be a vast and fascinating component of the body and I’ve focused my studies on it ever since.

Integrative medicine is one of my biggest passions, it gives me the opportunity to work on multiple aspects directed towards the complete care of the human body and psyche. 

I work at CHIPSA because I firmly believe in improving the connection between patient and physician by continuously trying to create a safe space for patients to start their healing process.

Dr. Omar Pizano

Born in 1991 and raised in the city of Tijuana, Mexico. I always excelled at school, always being at top of the class. Entered high school as the highest scoring student state wide. Graduated with an average of 9.42/10. I went to the Autonomous University of Baja California were I got my medical degree, class of 2014.

I did my internship in a local hospital of Tijuana, Hospital regional No. 1 of the Mexican institute of social security, followed by a year of social service in rural communities in Ensenada, a city south of Tijuana.

When I came back I worked for a year in the kidney institute of Tijuana (Instituto nefrologico de tijuana) where I saw all types of patients, from newborns to bariatric and plastic surgery patients. And there is where I met an 18 yo girl with end-stage lymphoma. Her oncologist gave us the order to control her pain, as she came into the ER of the hospital and in the meantime that she arrived to see her personally. By the time the oncologist came into the hospital, the pain of the 18 yo girl was under control. I asked with concern for her future what we would do next for her and the oncologist replied that there was nothing else that we could do at that point, just to keep her comfortable. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I thought that that couldn’t be possible. How could we be ok with this young girl dying? After all, she had all of her life in front of her. I felt horribly frustrated.

A couple of months later a former coworker of that same hospital invited me to join him at CHIPSA. At the time I must admit I was a little skeptical as we are taught in med school that alternative medicine is a bunch of lies and basically a scam with no scientific support whatsoever. However given my prior experience with this lymphoma patient I decided that I wanted to be part of that team. I officially joined the CHIPSA team in May of 2017 and since then I’ve been able to witness first hand the benefits that the alternative therapies can bring to cancer patients, regardless of their stage.

Currently I perform as the director of the stem cell department where we treat mainly autoimmune conditions and sports injuries. I’m also a treating physician for cancer patients. I’m also studying my MBA at the center of technological and superior studies (CETYS) because I have the goal to administer hospitals the best way possible so I can improve the experience of all the staff at the same time that the patients’ experience is maximized.

I can luckily and gratefully say that being part of this hospital for the past almost 4 years it has been a journey of lectures, learning, friendship, successes and joy. I can only wait for the amazing things that are ahead of us that will not only make my work easier but also will enhance the life of our patients incredibly greater.

Dra. Jennifer Ortiz

Dr. Jennifer Ortiz is a passionate MD specializing in immunotherapy treatments to improve patients in the cancer community.

Dr. Ortiz is a Medical Doctor, general practitioner with a minor in surgery. Studied in the University or Instituto Politecnico Nacional ranked in the top 5 biggest schools in all Latin America.

She is currently doing a Masters in Health services management and has been working as an integrative doctor at CHIPSA since June 2019.

Her mission is to improve and educate all people about the integrative approach on how to treat an oncology patient.

Dr. Andres Martinez 

Dr Andres David Martinez Montes graduated medical school from Universidad de Monterrey (UDEM) in 2015 with a minor in Gerontology and Geriatrics and Psychology of Learning. Additional certifications include:

- Medical Emergencias Diploma in Santiago de Chile, December 2013.

- ACLS Certification, October 2019.

- Hyperbaric Medicine and Wound Care Certification, November 2019.

- Medical Cannabis for Pain Control Certification, May 2020.

Alternative therapy certifications:

- Reiki Masters, July 2009.

- Hologram Therapy, April 2013.

- Acupuncture, December 2019.

- Bioresonance Therapy, December 2019.

I love the doctor-patient relationship and how we manage the treatments. By treating patients as individuals and not disease, we can really bring about the body's own healing processes and properties.

Dr. Rafael Castillo

Years Experience: 30

Degree: Licensed Medical Surgeon since 1989 (Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara)

Specializations: --