CHIPSA Hospital:
Enhanced Gerson and Advanced Immunotherapy

We are known as CHIPSA - The Original Gerson Therapy Hospital. We have been on the forefront of advanced integrative treatments and immunological therapies for over 38 years.

This now includes our enhanced Gerson Therapy protocol, combined with cutting edge immunotherapies like checkpoint inhibitors, dendritic cell and innate immune stimulating treatments. CHIPSA is also using lower doses of conventional oncological medications to cause damage to cancer cells, while at the same time stimulating the innate immune system to recognize the danger signals and attack the cancer cells.

Many have attempted the implementation of Gerson Therapy over the years but few have the documentation proving long term remissions for patients. In 2018 CHIPSA will be producing a documentary that will include many of our long term 5+ year stage 4 survivors.

We also want to make clear that while we strongly believe in our protocols and our system, that we are not aware of an all out cure for cancer.

We have used nearly every natural treatment that can be found and find some of the claims of cures on the internet, disturbing. 

Stage 4 cancer is a very complicated disease and there is no easy answer for it. What we can assure you is that we have more experience combining the most powerful natural therapies with cutting edge immunotherapies and modern therapies than anyone in North America.

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Medical Excellence 

The medical practice at CHIPSA Hospital has been treating patients through integrative medical protocols since 1979.  Several of our treatments have achieved long-term results on their own. To our knowledge nobody has ever combined individualized protocols together. 

Since our inception, we have established the first multidisciplinary integrative medical protocol in North America.  It involves the integration of Gerson Therapy along with advanced immune enhancing protocols. A five year melanoma study done at CHIPSA, published in peer reviewed medical journals, yielded over a 600% increase in five year survival for stage 4 melanoma.

How CHIPSA Hospital Saves Lives

Gerson Therapy

The Immuno-nutrition foundation as to how we aim to help the body heal from degenerative disease.

Integrative Protocols

Staying on the forefront of advanced integrative immunotherapy has been the key to our success. 

Coley's Therapy

One of the oldest therapies used at CHIPSA, Coley's fluid was discovered by Dr William Coley in the late 1800's.

IV Vitamin CK3

 The efficacy of IV Vitamin C and K3  has been without a doubt one the most exciting treatments at CHIPSA.

CHIPSA/Gerson Success Stories

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Our Medical Team

Each of the doctors at CHIPSA take an individualized clinical approach to patient treatment. We take pride into getting to know our patients so we can provide the most customized treatment available. This unique approach to treating cancer has been the cornerstone of our success.

Medical Director 

Director of Out Patient 

Director of Surgery

Surgical Oncologist

Director of Aftercare

 Head Nurse

Speak With A Doctor Today...

CHIPSA has fighting cancer and other immunological ailments since 1979. Our doctors and researchers are always looking for the latest ways to combat cancer and disease and integrate them into our protocols. 

It’s very common to see alternative practitioners making claims that one substance or "thing" is an all out cure. We know from our experience in treating cancer for 37 years , that cancer is very complex and always evolving. There is no 100% cure. What we do know, however, is that CHIPSA has had great success treating many patients that were sent home to "die" in their home country because conventional medicine failed them. Call 1-(855) 624-4772 to speak with a doctor today and receive a free cancer treatment plan, customized for you.

or CALL : 1-(855) 624-4772

Our ​Scientific Advisory Board

Dr. Francesco Marincola - MD

Dr. Marincola is considered one of the world's leading tumor Immunologists. He is the former Chief of Immunogenetics at the National Institute of Health (NIH) and Founder and Editor in Chief of The Journal of Translational Medicine, ASHI Quarterly, and 8 other journals.

Dr. Vijay Mahant, MS, PhD. 

Dr. Mahant’s work can be seen all over the world. The co-founder of Auto-Genomics, he is a leader in the field of cutting edge genetic and diagnostics testing for cancer including liquid biopsies and circulating tumor cells.