CHIPSA Hospital: An Oasis of Healing

When you start your journey to heal cancer, you need more than just medicine, specialized foods, and treatment plans. You need love, support, and kindness. You need hope, passion, and joy. You need people on your team who are rooting for you and your life.

At CHIPSA Hospital, you get all of that and more. Our full-service community hospital overlooking the pacific ocean in Playas de Tijuana offers several integrative treatments and immunological therapies that treat late-stage cancers.

But we also offer something unique that most hospitals don't: an overwhelming positive energy that inspires hope in all the patients.

Every single staff member, from the receptionist at the front door to the driver who picks you up, is united in a single goal to heal patients. "You can just feel the love here that people have for one another and for other members of the staff," says one patient.

That love is infectious. And while love may seem like a small factor in the midst of vitamin IV treatments and hyperbaric chambers, it's just as essential to the healing process. The patients who are surrounded by that love can't help but feel an powerful desire to fight for their lives.

"When I went to CHIPSA, a great hope was given to me. There was so much love that I couldn't help but have hope," says ovarian cancer survivor Charlotte T. "CHIPSA is a hospital of hope, and they have certainly fulfilled mine."

Healing from cancer is no easy task. It's not as simple as just getting treatments and waiting for scan results. It requires diligence, commitment, and trust. But the goal here at CHIPSA is to foster all of those things. "They love you," says one patient. "And that alone with what we're dealing with, it goes a long way."

Many patients took a great risk flying to Mexico for cancer treatments. They left their homes and families, oftentimes during the holidays, against the advice of their doctors and loved ones. But once they stepped through those doors, their doubts and fears quickly disappeared.

Rita K., breast cancer survivor, says that her experience at CHIPSA gave her the confidence she needed to get through her treatments. "The staff is pleasant, diligent, and highly dedicated," she said. "You can tell that everyone loves their job. It makes you feel like you're in the right place getting the right treatments. The mood here is positive. They are sweet, kind, and caring. They are knowledgable, efficient, and proficient. It couldn't be better than it is."

The deep sense of love and connection that the patients feel for their doctors, as well as for one another, is inspiring. "It's impossible not to reciprocate that kind of love," says one patient. "I am in love with these people here."

When you're fighting a battle for your life, you don't want to be in a cold, clinical environment. You want to be where there's love and joy. You want to be in an "oasis," as one patient describes it.

CHIPSA's healing oasis is filled with kind, talented, professionals who only have their patients in mind. "There are no little people here," says one patient. "There are just giants who have a collective vision of healing. And when every single person in a place cares about it, you feel it."

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