CHIPSA Hospital Costs

The CHIPSA Hospital costs is a topic that comes up a lot, as well as the question of will insurance cover the costs while getting cancer treatment at CHIPSA Hospital.

Let's take a closer look at the costs for CHIPSA and the components that factors into costs for CHIPSA hospital.

Costs For A Patient At CHIPSA 

The payment for cancer treatment here is reduced because we're located in Tijuana, Mexico versus a major city in the U.S. Yet, as leaders in cutting edge alternative cancer treatments along with low dose chemotherapy, we know the cost to get treated here is a concern that we at CHIPSA Hospital truly understand because we've been helping people for so many years.

The money for the therapies and treatments performed by the cancer doctors in the hospital (CHIPSA is not a clinic) aligns with the combination of the quality immunotherapy protocol treatments, including the factoring in for the stage of the cancer cells.

Conventional medicine treatment of the cancer cells has often already be done with varying levels of success and effects by the time patients stay at CHIPSA. It is not uncommon for patients to be dealing with the emotional and physical pain of their traditional treatment’s failure and the psychological impact in their life due to the many questions patients must face. 

 Integrative services factor into the costs, as well as the therapies to fight the cancer cells. As stated before, the chemotherapy from a previous clinic's attempt to treat the cancer has often left the patient weak before they can even get started with our services. This fact definitely may impact the protocol and cost too in order to get the patient strong enough to be treated.

 The cancer cells react and respond differently to different people. Hyperbaric chamber Oxygen, vitamin ck3, IPT (insulin potentiated therapy) along with Gerson diet and coffee enemas and Coley's Toxins vaccine and more can all be provided by CHIPSA.

CHIPSA also has a cost-effective outpatient program that has helped fight tumor cells too.

 The love of family being in close contact during treatments helps the patient, based on our experience, and that is why our cost in many instances has a support person accommodations, but it will not include cost for travel. We keep your support persons informed as they follow the progress of the cancer patient to look for a sign of better health.

Insurance companies in the US/CA often have provisions that will not pay for services abroad. We would love for them to pay for treatment directly to us, but since they won't there have been a number of people who have received reimbursements from their insurance when they return home. This is obviously not in control and would have to be worked out with your insurance company.

Let's look a little closer at some other factors when looking at the cost of treatments at CHIPSA.

Chipsa Hospital Costs

How Do You Balance Cost and Value?

We at CHIPSA understand what's at stake when people are calling us to learn about what it will take to get our leading-edge cancer care. 

The cost of you or a loved one not getting the best care when dealing with the ruthless enemy known as cancer is obvious. Yet, the cost of being able to provide top-notch care by leading doctors is also an understandable expense that equates to value for you.

We work daily at being able to get you the most affordable prices that we can, while still maintaining the highest quality when it comes to employing compassionate employees, running a great facility, and making sure you have leading credentialed medical providers so that you're getting the best value for the care you'll receive here at CHIPSA Hospital.

Chipsa Seal Of Quality & Competitive Cost

What Will Your CHIPSA Hospital Payment Be?

There is not a single answer to "how much will my cancer treatment be" when getting the best care here at CHIPSA.

Here's why.

Until we get a better understanding of your situation then we truly will not know what your investment will be. And of course, there's the question of insurance not being willing to cover the care of a number of the effective protocols we've provided for years.

Here's how you can find out what your costs will be.

We do offer a free second opinion, no-obligation conversation with one of our highly qualified doctors, and after there is a better understanding as to your case and whether we feel that our services and your needs are a good fit, then we will be able to give you a more clear understanding of what type of care you'll need and that will allow for you to get a better idea of what you'll need to invest for the level of care you'll receive.

Chipsa Hospital Hyperbaric Chamber

CHIPSA Hospital outpatient care may or may not be an option too, so depending on your case this option would have to be factored in making a determination of how much CHIPSA costs.

We also offer a free, no-obligation opportunity to talk with an experienced patient coordinator who is highly qualified to answer non-medical questions and can help you to navigate your decision journey until you conclude that coming to CHIPSA Hospital is the best option for you.

Chipsa Hospital Relaxing Setting

It's actually not uncommon for patients to get to speak with one of our compassionate and qualified patient coordinators and the potential patient learns about treatment options that they were not even aware existed because the cutting edge care we can provide in Mexico is in many ways more progressive and some may say more advanced than what is currently being provided in other countries.

Gerson Therapy Hospitals

Let's look a little closer at why we will need to discuss your situation in order to get you a better idea of the costs for your cancer treatment.

CHIPSA Hospital Reviews & CHIPSA Success Rate 

Not that long ago all cancer was treated the same. This is a sad reality, but it is what 'traditional' medical standards of care prescribed. We won't go into the influence of 'Big Pharma' and how treatments often took care of the interests of insurance companies, 'big pharma' and seemingly everybody else with the exception of the patient. You can just look at history and make your conclusions.

We are also not saying that traditional cancer treatments did not help people because they did, but advancements in medicine now help us to understand that chemo, radiation, and surgery are not the only path for regaining your health. In addition, the integration of a number of options could, in fact, give you a strong opportunity to do better in your fight against cancer. We are always striving to increase the CHIPSA success rate.

That's why we use an integrative approach to your care.

And what's even more exciting is with the continued medical breakthroughs it's become very clear that your cancer treatment is likely to be unique from another patient's because your body is likely to respond differently to different treatments.

So it comes down to getting a better understanding of your situation. What has already been done, as well as, how has that worked? Once we have that type of information, we may be better able to give you and your loved ones a more clear understanding of what the investment will be in order to come to get cancer treatment here. That makes sense, doesn't it?

Now we'd like to take a moment to address 'The Elephant In The Room', because if you're looking into the costs to get cancer treatment in Mexico, then you'll smartly want to look at reviews and see what other patients and their loved ones have to say about CHIPSA.

As a result of looking into the costs for cancer treatment in Mexico you're likely to come across some additional topics so let's address them head-on right now.

CHIPSA Bad Reviews

CHIPSA Hospital reviews are a topic that we take very seriously. So let's take a look at a few of the facts when it comes to the reviews by real patients or their loved ones.

Fact: There is not a cure for cancer. So we do not have a cure for cancer. (Yet).

Fact: We very often get patients who have already tried so many options to get rid of their cancer that did not work, and as a result, the previous more traditional care (chemo, radiation, surgery)  has left their body depleted, exhausted, and literally at the ‘end of their rope’.

Fact: We are not perfect. The leadership and staff here at CHIPSA Hospital hold ourselves to the highest standards, yet there are times when we have the area to improve.

Fact: Cancer is an insidious foe that ravages and exposes the best and oftentimes the worst in humans. And as a result, when there is not a successful outcome it is crushing to us as individuals. And as crushing as it is to us, you can only imagine how devastating it is for loved ones who have watched their beloved fight, and eventually lose to this non-discriminating disease. 

And it is when this situation occurs, there will be from time-to-time, instances when people will share  Chipsa bad reviews .

We understand this.

We recognize that it comes with the territory because it is all just part of the process of helping people win more fights against cancer. 

CHIPSA Hospital Quackery?

If you see a review or other information that gives you pause, we simply ask that you allow us the courtesy to provide you with the history of CHIPSA Hospital.

We're sure you recognize that you must allow for the reality that we don't win every fight against cancer.

When you take into consideration the strong emotions that people are feeling when they write negative stuff, then you may be able to understand why they may say less than favorable things about our efforts to help.

We will continue our mission to help as many people, just like you, or your loved one, to have the chance to live the life you deserve with more grace, dignity, and quality than you would have had the chance to live if not for the care here at CHIPSA Hospital.

Here are a few more facts for you to consider:

There was a time when traditional medical authorities thought radiation for cancer was quackery.

There was a time when traditional medical authorities thought washing your hands before surgery to disinfect and not cause infections was quackery.

There was a time when traditional medical authorities thought bone marrow transplants were quackery (and insurance would not cover it for the longest time).

Albert Einstein is widely credited with saying, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.”

"What is often considered quackery to people unwilling to change, is many times later called innovation, cutting edge, and groundbreaking."

We at CHIPSA Hospital are willing to be called names as long as lives are being saved.

Give us a call.

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