CHIPSA Hospital Is No Scam See Why.

John’s wife was diagnosed with breast Cancer and they decided to seek out Cancer Treatment in Mexico.

Click the video above to listen to John’s CHIPSA Hospital Review 

We Help You Face What Is Likely The Biggest Challenge Of Your Life.

We’re real people, trying to help people, who are facing a real problem. It is a challenge we at CHIPSA face head-on.

And we have witnessed so many brave and wonderful people face this challenge. To think that any institution would scam a person when the stakes are this high is truly unbelievable. We are upfront and honest about what our services have done for so many people.

In John’s wife’s breast cancer treatment we were excited about the treatment results. “On her last test results, she was declared 90% Cancer Free” is what you heard John say in the video.

So it’s clear we’re not perfect. But who is? And if there is an organization that is making claims to that effect then that is who you should be looking at as a scam.

–  “We Love This Place, Oh it’s different from the other hospitals” ……    are some of the words John used to describe his experience at the hospital.

It’s great when we hear any of our patients and/or their loved ones share that we have a culture here at CHIPSA of truly caring. Because we do really care.

A patient won’t connect with CHIPSA like you hear John say in the video if we were not authentic. We believe we provide an alternative cancer treatment that has been helping people for a very long time. It does not work every time, but chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery in the United States or other countries do not work every time either. Right?

Does that mean that chemo, radiation, and surgery are a scam? Absolutely not! 

We encourage you to read all of the reviews.  We continue to strive to get better results and we’re not going to stop. 

One more thing, please feel free to give us a call to ask questions because we honestly feel that the closer you look at us, then the better we’ll look to you because we’re no scam.

We’re real people, helping real people, fight a real challenge.

If you’re wondering what type of treatment that Jane received  then here’s what Jane’s cancer treatment in Mexico included:

Gerson Immunonutrition
Intravenous Vitamin CK3
Insulin Potentiated Therapy
IV Vitamin C

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