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Read What Real Cancer Patients Fighting Cancer Have To Say In Their CHIPSA Hospital Reviews - Learn About Their CHIPSA Hospital Experience. 

Chipsa Seal Of Quality

CHIPSA Hospital Seal Of Quality

CHIPSA Hospital reviews will give you an idea of how our Gerson Therapy hospital combined with integrative alternative cancer treatments in Mexico can positively impact your life and the life of your loved ones.

CHIPSA Medical Hospital is located just over the Mexican border, in Tijuana Mexico.

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Get To Know More About CHIPSA Hospital In Mexico

To learn more news about CHIPSA and the alternative medical services we provide for our patients that may or may not be available in the United States, as well as if you want to have a free doctors consultation with one of our staff , it is offered as a free second medical opinion.

Why email when you can speak to one of CHIPSA's doctors?

You can learn about the alternative natural cancer treatment services and how it may be combined with traditional chemotherapy by having the consultation. The chemotherapy can be used at a lower dose and still be highly effective because of the natural therapy methods here in Mexico.

If you don't want to email, or have a consultation, then you can read more articles and news when you take a look around on our website.

We know that a potential patient will need to do the due diligence when looking to get medical treatment. Reviews as well as knowing what clinical services and treatments that a hospital provides are very important when making your decisions.

A large number of our patients are American, but we commonly have people fly from all parts of the world to get their treatment here.

Whether you're American or from another country, there are a number of questions that you may still have about alternative cancer treatments in Mexico after looking at our reviews.

Here are some of the most common other questions and where you can find some answers we offer to
your searches.

CHIPSA Hospital Quackery - Why People Still May Call This Quackery?

Our doctors have been helping people in our same location just over the border since 1979 and our staff and doctors have been hearing this same topic from the beginning. It used to be fueled by our clinic having Mexican location and because we offered alternatives to what 'main stream medical' said was best to offer for cancer patients.

But now people search for a Mexican clinic over the border, because having a clinic in Mexico is considered an innovative and progressive move to allow for cutting edge therapy treatment options. In addition, Mexican clinics offered a way to keep costs affordable.

The quackery story was offered because people are often afraid of change.

Think about this.

Saying cutting edge medical advancements is 'quackery' happened the same way when people said washing hands before surgery is quackery. They said it was quackery to think that there were tiny germs on your hands that would cause infection.

Good thing people did not listen to the 'quackery noise' about germs on hands being quackery - Right?

So as long as we have breath in our lungs, we're going to stand united to share the truth, and keep working hard to improve the healing as we continue to try to save lives, knowing there will always be traditionalist who still have a 'horse and buggy' mindset when it comes to healthcare options, and the rest of the world will drive cars down the road of innovation and medical breakthroughs.  

We'll continue to lead the way.

CHIPSA Hospital Payment and CHIPSA Insurance.

There are so many questions in terms of the cost as well as how insurance will handle the treatments you'll be receiving here at CHIPSA. Each case stands on it's own. You can read more here.

What is CHIPSA Hospital Success Rate?

CHIPSA, just like all other leading medical facilities, is not perfect. We are leaders in a fight with a persistent enemy called cancer. We often are dealing with the cancer cells after they're at an advanced cell status. Although we have had a great number of successful cases, we feel that losing just one patient is too many.

We continue to strive to innovate, and invest in research as well as invest in growing our team of leaders in an effort to improve upon our cancer treatment success rate. The fight against cancer cells is going to be won by working together with traditional medical treatments and including alternative cancer cells treatments like we offer. We're working hard to be the positive example.

You can get more information click here.

Eric V. Shares His CHIPSA Experience

"...So, I’m beyond a shadow of a doubt a big supporter of CHIPSA Hospital and what they do here, and I would highly recommend that you speak to the leadership team here about your condition, if you’re thinking about coming here because it has saved my life."

CHIPSA Hospital Multiple Myeloma Bone Cancer

My name is Eric V. I’m from Massachusetts; east coast in the United States. I’m 42 years old. On October 30, 2015, I was diagnosed out of the blue with Multiple Myeloma which is a rare form of bone cancer. And I found CHIPSA Hospital through sharing my story. The truth be told, I called my life insurance guy, who is a friend of mine, just to get an update and make sure that my things were in order as I was truly trying to wrap my head around it and get my affairs in order, before I figured out, after my diagnosis, what my next move would be. 

How Eric Discovered Chipsa Hospital Is A Legit & Great Place For Cancer Treatment

So, I reached out to him, he immediately connected me with a mutual friend of ours who had also experienced cancer and they turned me on to somebody who is currently at CHIPSA Hospital, Ryan Luelf and immediately he and I Facetimed, and text back and forth, and as I was at home really speaking to the doctors at home; the oncologists, Dana Farber [Cancer Institute], and really getting their take on the path I should take which is just specifically chemotherapy and radiation.

Eric Continues His Due Diligence To See What Dana Farber Cancer Institute Treatment Options Were and Simultaneously Learning About The Gerson Therapy For Cancer.

While we were getting the information from the doctors, we were also reading about the Gerson Therapy. 

We were speaking with Ryan. ...a week before I actually get the diagnosis my wife, Bindu, started me on juicing so we were juicing like seven juices a day at home and the Gerson Therapy really, we connected with and here at CHIPSA Hospital, the Gerson Therapy is one of the many modalities that they were able to offer us. 

So, we finally, and our connection with Ryan, got our affairs in order and literally a month post-diagnosis; no chemo, no radiations, no steroids, nothing because we knew there was a different way. We knew intuitively there was a different way to heal myself from cancer and that was really from the inside out.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Tank To Help Your Body Fight Cancer

What we saw with CHIPSA was the Gerson Therapy that they offered; the hyperbaric oxygen tank to flood your cells with oxygen. (I could keep, I’m just rolling right?) Flood your cells with oxygen

They offered the hydro-therapy and now since I’ve been here now they’re offering the hydro-therapy in the ice bath for me because there was good lymphatic activity. They really were able to adapt to my needs. They offered, we looked into Coly’s Toxins, which is one of the major protocols here, along with Issels Dendritic Cells Vaccine, all protocols which if you really do the research on your own, the protocols have been established for so long, but they’re not in anywhere in mainstream medicines and even the (coffee) enemas; the coffee enemas we started at home two weeks into the diagnosis we started doing 2 or 3 a day.

So the Coly’s Toxins were huge, the idea is to get an immune system responding. That became like “Ah, we’re healing my immune system, but we’re going to beat the cancer at the same time” that became our mantra; the Coly’s Toxins induces immune system response, wakes up your immune system. The dendritic cells therapy basically take your dormant cells and culture them and wake them up to the fact that your immune system is under attack and then you get the cells back. [What am I missing?]  They have unbelievable body work; Reiki’s, hot stone massage, regular massage.

The staff was so absolutely accommodating to us and just meeting our needs. Doctor Lopes and Dr. Artuno, the lessons that I learned from them are, I can’t even put them in words and the ownership group has just been amazing.

Is Chipsa Hospital The Right Choice For You?

CHIPSA Hospital, we are a day away from leaving and we just felt we made the right decision right from day one and now we have our set-up. We’re going back to the east coast, we’re blessed to go back to the east coast to my children, our family from Christmas eve which is magical in and of itself and we have our set-up right there, we have a soft landing, we’re going to continue with the enhanced Gerson protocol, continue with the supplements and the different shots and probably come back for a tune-up in six months and we’ll have an ongoing relationship with the doctor who’s become, my doctor.

Why Eric Is A Big Supporter Of CHIPSA Hospital - “ has saved my life.”

The people that I’ve consulted with at home, are doctors that I’ve consulted with at home. Doctor Lopez is my doctor and I’m grateful for him. So we’ll continue on our path and I will say multiple Myeloma is cancer of the bones, I had a vertebrae, the t-1 vertebrae literally that collapse on the pressure of a tumor which we didn’t find any of it out until I finally demanded an MRI. If you’re having pain just get an MRI. 

So I had the MRI and the tumor collapsed my vertebrae and my bones have lesions throughout them. My blood work is fine, my organs are fine, my pain comes and when it comes it just comes like a ton of bricks and I will say that during my time here I’ve lost weight I needed to lose, my energy levels have increased, my pain has lessened and my ability to deal with my pain once it comes up has improved. 

So, I’m beyond a shadow of a doubt a big supporter of CHIPSA Hospital and what they do here, and I would highly recommend that you speak to the leadership team here about your condition, if you’re thinking about coming here because it has saved my life. 

I feel like my wife, in the beginning, to get me here, helped me save my life, and now coming here has enhanced that, and saved my life. I’m just so grateful for that; I feel like I’m on a good path, we have a good game plan going forward and I just can’t say enough about CHIPSA Hospital.

….I’m just blessed; I’m blessed in so many ways.

Chipsa Hospital Treats Multiple Types Of Cancer With An Integrative Approach.

- Leukemia and Glioblastoma are NOT treated at our hospital.

CHIPSA Available Treatments Includes, But Are Not Limited To:

  • Enhanced Gerson protocol
  • Immunotherapy
  • Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT)
  • Coley’s Dendritic Therapy  (Coley's Toxins)
  • IV vitamin C and Vitamin K3 (CK3) (Apatone)
  • VG-5000 
  • Cryoablation  
  • Hyperthermia
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen
  • Surgery
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