CHIPSA Scientific Forum Brings Legitimacy to “Alternative” Medicine

San Diego, October 8, 2018.

CHIPSA Hospital, an integrative cancer hospital in Mexico, hosted an inaugural Scientific Forum and Survivors Reunion at the Town and Country Resort in San Diego on Thursday September 27, 2018. The event brought over twenty long-term cancer survivors (many with over 20 years of remission from Stage 4 cancer) and connected them the CHIPSA Scientific Advisory Board.

The cancer survivors took a site visit from the resort to CHIPSA Hospital in Mexico on Thursday. For many of the patients, this was their first visit in several years to the hospital. The patients had an opportunity to meet the new staff and Medical Director, Dr. Anton Escobedo MD. Seeing the facility and having an opportunity to connect with current CHIPSA patients was a memorable experience.

The presentations featured CHIPSA’s scientific advisory board: Dr. Franco Marincola, Dr. Philip Kim and Dr. Vijay Mahant. Presentation topics were primarily focused on cutting edge immunology and non-toxic approaches to cancer care.

Many of these concepts were previously rejected by the medical community in the United States, but have now found favor as immunotherapy has proven scientific efficacy for treating cancer.

CEO Ed Clay noted, “CHIPSA has been doing Immunotherapy for cancer for 38 years. Long before we really understood the mechanisms of action, back when they would just scream QUACK!! Well these so called “quacks” have won two Nobel prizes in 7 years and it’s about time people start recognizing that CHIPSA has been doing many of these things for a long time.

The Survivor’s Black Tie Gala was hosted by the founders of CHIPSA and sponsored by Immunocom on Friday night. Each long-term survivor was presented with an award and given the opportunity to address the crowd of almost 150 guests.   A common theme from the recepients was hope.

The weekend-long forum ended with a panel discussion consisting of long-term survivors. Topics like compliance to treatments and maintaining a positive mindset were emphasized by the panel.

CHIPSA Hospital is owned and operated by FirstMedic. CHIPSA is a fully licensed hospital in Mexico that treats patients from all over the world. Visit

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