CHIPSA The Gerson Hospital: Destroying Tumors

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Watch This Tumor Disappear in Less Than A Year with Gerson Therapy.

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It’s no secret that the “War On Cancer” has been an overwhelming failure. What is a secret (in plain site) is that more people died of cancer in 2015 than when the “war” started in the 1970’s. When Nixon first announced this “war,” immunotherapy was considered “quackery” or fake medicine.

Finally, almost 50 years later, mainstream medicine is acknowledging what researchers have been saying all along… The body’s immune system, if allowed to function properly, has the ability to fight and destroy cancer cells.

At CHIPSA Gerson hospital, we don’t just treat with Gerson therapy; we use a combination of immunological therapies that not only allow the body to begin to function normally, but put it on overdrive.

Our immunological therapies alert the body with warning signals that cancer is present, thus improving the effectiveness of the Gerson therapy. In our opinion, the three best immunotherapies made available over the last 100 years are: Gerson Therapy, Issels Autologous Vaccine, and Coley’s Toxins.

We were very fortunate to have Dr. Issels work with us at CHIPSA Hospital during the last years of his life. We are also very proud of the fact that CHIPSA has worked directly with Charlotte Gerson for 18 years.

At CHIPSA, we are only concerned with helping patients using treatments that work. We will continue to carry the legacy of these great pioneers into the future.