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Coley’s Toxins And Gerson Therapy Tumor Destruction (Video)

Eric was a patient at CHIPSA Hospital for a little over 3 weeks. Before he came he we very skeptical of Alternative Cancer Treatments.

He had a large tumor that had grown the size of a grapefruit on his neck. After only 3 weeks of treatment his tumor had gone down to the size of a golf ball.

In this video Eric talks about his experience at CHIPSA hospital. The video also shows the before and after pictures of the tumor.

Any time we can see a tumor we are excited because we have great success injecting the Coley’s fluid directly in the tumor. Many times we will see a reduction in the mass on the very first day.

Eric’s personalized Integrative protocol at CHIPSA included:

Coley’s Toxins
Gerson Therapy
Autologous Cell Vaccine
Vitamin B-17
IV Vitamin C
Hyperbaric Oxygen

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Cancer Tumor Shrinks with Colleys Toxins

Cancer Tumor Shrinks with Colleys Toxins

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