How CHIPSA Hospital Is Literally Freezing Cancer In Its Tracks!

Cryoablation + Immunotherapy Harnesses Your Body’s Own Cancer Fighting Ability?

At CHIPSA Hospital we are destroying tumors from within with our unique approach of Cryoablation + Immunotherapy. 

During Cryoablation, tumors are literally frozen in their tracks with temperatures (-200 degrees Celsius) to freeze and kill tumors in a noninvasive procedure. Freezing cells from the inside out causes them to die. By combining this process with an adjuvant we are able to enhance the immune response and train the immune system to recognize other cancer cells and tumor cells throughout the body.

Your Body’s Way Of Killing Cancer

Cryoablation kills cancer cells by freezing them to death. As the tumor is drying intracellular contents are released into the immune system. Adjuvants like GMCSF and Coley's Toxins are added to the tumor to make a vaccine inside the patient's own body. 

Cancer cells spread throughout the body because they go undetected by the immune system. Cryoablation kills the cancer and “leaves” the dead cancer cells behind, thus allowing the immune system to recognize them.

Similar to the way a vaccine works, the body mounts an immune response to attack the danger signals and previously unseen non-self aspects of a tumor.  

Cryoablation creates an immunogenic cell death and when adjuvants are added systemic responses are enhanced. 

Enhancing Cryoablation With Immunotherapy

Recent studies support that cryoablation appears to have a higher chance of success than surgical therapy for localized tumors and other ablated therapies. 

Combining cryoablation plus immunotherapy and integrating other logical approaches can generate a powerful immune response. This immune response has shown systemic clearing of tumors in multiple peer reviewed papers. The results are shown to destroy cancer in the targeted region as well as anywhere else it has spread. This is known as the “abscopal effect”.

What is The Abscopal Effect?

Abscopal effect explains the shrinkage or disappearance of tumors in regions of the body that were not the primary focus of local treatment, such as cryoablation or radiation treatment. Basically after a treatment, the body begins attacking cancer cells everywhere. This is one of the most powerful and desired outcomes because it means your body is now recognizing the cancer. Cryoblation plus immunotherapy increases the chances of patients experiencing the abscopal effect. 

How The Cryoablation + Immunotherapy Is Administered at CHIPSA

The use of adjuvant immunotherapy and cryoablation is cutting edge technology that is only being practiced at a few facilities around the world, including CHIPSA Hospital.

The CHIPSA team always customizes the approach based on your specific type of cancer. Our interventional radiologist will employ either ultrasound or CT guided imagery to identify the exact location of the tumor. Then, a tiny cryo-probe is guided straight to the tumor, where an ice ball will be formed up to Negative 202 degrees. This extreme temperatures are lethal to cancer cells. 

Then, to alert the immune system, specific immunotherapy will be administered to the dying tumor. If a sufficient immune response is obtained, dendritic cells will expose the tumor antigen to the rest of the immune system, thus giving rise to a systemic response against metastatic disease.

Furthermore, CHIPSA physicians will continue to stimulate the immune system throughout the patient's stay. This extended immune stimulation gives patients an even better chance of a system response. 

Cryoablation is Already Approved

Cryoablation is an approved treatment for several solid tumors with a diameter of 2 centimeters or less. Oncologists will often use cryoablation as a therapy for numerous types of solid cancer. It is, however, not well known in the United States and not used to “chip” away at metastatic disease. Cryoablation + adjuvant immunotherapy is not available in the United States. 

Outside of the United States, numerous studies from various countries show that cryoablation combined with an immunotherapy may effectively eliminate multiple malignancies.

If you or someone you love would like to see how or if you can utilize Cryoablation + Immunotherapy at CHIPSA to treat cancer give us a call at 1-888-667-3640. We will schedule you a free 30-minute appointment to speak with one of our doctors.