From Hospice To Healed! CHIPSA Saves Another Cancer Patient!

Shawnee, OKC - Meet Stacy, a 53 years old mother and grandmother who was diagnosed with Stage 4 Squamous cell nasopharyngeal cancer for the third time (she had previously beat cancer in 2008 and 2011).

It all started with mild nasal congestion, followed by double vision that made life unbearable, stays Stacy W.

At first Stacy “toughed” it out, like she always had, attributing the symptoms to just allergies. Until, finally she sought medical advice. 

Eventually the double vision became unbearable and Stacy began a medical evaluation, that included an MRI’s.

Devastated, Stacy had Stage 4 Squamous cell nasopharyngeal cancer.

Why did she have cancer for a third time?

What if she couldn’t beat it this time?

Once again, Stacy would have to face the unknown and battle this disease, AGAIN!


Almost immediately, Stacy’s oncologist began a very aggressive protocol in hopes of reversing the cancer. 

9 rounds of chemotherapy and 35 radiation treatments later, her results were not what she had hoped. 

After an MRI to check her progress, doctors found that her cancer had NOT shrunk, but gotten bigger and had spread!

This was not like the other times she had cancer. These treatments were not working.


Sadly, her oncologist revealed that there was nothing else for Stacy to try in the United States and she was admitted to hospice, and given only months to live. 

She remembers the hopelessness she felt, “I was shocked how they said there is nothing they can do for me and just dropped me”

Stacy and her husband Joe refused a death sentence. “I didn’t feel sick, ” said Stacy. “I didn’t believe that I had only months left until my end.”

She knew there was another way.

Throughout her healing journey, Stacy had always believed in utilizing her entire body, not just conventional treatments. In fact, she had mapped out a holistic cancer survival strategy that focused optimizing her nutrition. Stacy tried to keep a positive mindset and adding other “natural” treatments that she thought would help. 

Stacy kept finding cancer treatments that looked promising, but no matter how hard she looked, they were not available in the United States.

Hope at CHIPSA Hospital In Mexico?

CHIPSA Hospital

Aware that she was open to other possibilities, her sister-in-law recommended that Stacy check out CHIPSA  Hospital.  They were an integrative cancer hospital that had been utilizing treatments not found in the United States and had been helping people heal for over 40 years!

Stacy’s sister in-law had been in contact with a former CHIPSA patient, Ryan L., he had been healed from Stage 4 Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma at CHIPSA, twice!

She called CHIPSA Hospital in Mexico and spoke with one of their doctors. After sending  her medical records, they created a custom treatment plan to help her beat cancer.


The Cancer Vaccine You Didn’t Know About

One of the treatments that Stacy had been prescribed was Coley’s Fluid, also called Coley’s Vaccine, or Coley’s Toxins.

Invented in the late 19th century by a cancer surgeon, William B. Coley, the fluid contains bacterial toxins that literally infect the body and cause a fever. It stimulates the immune system to attack malignant tumors, much like a vaccine, but without any additives or adjuncts.

After 1965, when the American Cancer Society classified the it as an “unproven method,” Coley’s Vaccine became next to impossible to get in the US... but there was hospital in Mexico that had the Coley’s fluid and had been treating patients for over 38 years

A 2017, United States Study on Cancer Immunotherapy by William K. Decker and other researchers was featured in Frontiers in Immunology. It revealed the following:

“This fortuitous combination of Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria possessed a wide array of immuno-stimulatory properties that allowed Dr. Coley to achieve excellent long-term cure rates that in some instances remain unrivaled by medical science in the 81 years since his death.”

It seems like the world is waking up to the possibilities of what Dr. William Coley was onto. 

CHIPSA takes it a step further with our own Coley's CPG

Coley’s CPG therapy is our proprietary blend of CPG-carrying agents that allow the immune system the best chance of creating an anti-tumor immune response. There are currently many clinical trials studying CPG in combination with checkpoint inhibitors. The belief is that Coley’s CPG turns a tumor from "cold" to "hot," meaning a tumor that previously couldn’t be seen by the immune system, is now recognized. Many people think a variation of this treatment could be a staple in all future cancer therapy. CHIPSA has over 38 years of experience working with Coley’s toxins, and we are excited to introduce our new proprietary formulation to our treatment protocols.

  • Coley’s Vaccine therapy is typically administered 2-3 times per week at a dose to achieve a body temperature of between 39.5 °C to 41 °C (approximately 103 °C to 106 °F), monitored by qualified medical staff
  • Treatments per week may vary depending on each individual patient and other circumstances
  • About 5-6 hours of treatment are required for each treatment day
  • Vital signs (blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate, temperature) are consistently monitored by professional and experienced medical staff
  • Coley’s Vaccine has a very long and safe history of use
  • Generally patients experience an improved well being after each treatment
  • Treatment is ideally used in conjunction with other immunotherapies, such as Gerson Therapy, Dendritic Cells Vaccine, and Autologous Cell Vaccine

Note: CHIPSA is the only licensed hospital facility treating with the Coley’s Therapy toxins in North America.

Gerson Therapy Immuno-Nutrition

One of the foundational treatments at CHIPSA Hospital is a specific diet-based immunological detoxification and nutrition protocol known as Gerson Therapy.

Initially Developed by German born Dr. Max Gerson in the 1920's for the treatment of tuberculosis and headaches, Gerson Therapy was used to treat cancer patients in 1928. 

The diet includes raw and cooked foods in its three daily vegan meals, extraordinary amounts of unaltered foods are consumed, as well as, the intravenous inclusion of vitamin drips.

Additionally, patients can expect anywhere from 12-15 raw juices a day, prepared with specific organic fruits and vegetables. These fruits and vegetable are harvested for their enormous quantities of phytochemicals- currently under study worldwide for exciting anticancer and health promoting properties, "super charging" the patient's immune system.



Multiple studies focusing on Dendritic Cell Therapies are currently active in the United States and throughout the world. The first FDA-approved Dendritic Dell Treatment was called Provenge. The U.S. approach uses stored antigens that do not come from the patient. But, we believe the best possible tumor antigen is from the patient’s own body. CHIPSA expands the dendritic cells and gives them back to the patients, while using cytotoxic agents like low dose chemotherapy or Apatone.

This personalized version of a cellular product is unique to CHIPSA. Dendritic cells are used by patients who are currently undergoing conventional therapy or want CHIPSA’s full combination approach.

IV Vitamin C

The use of high dose Vitamin C for cancer mitigation has been studied for years. According to the U.S. government Cancer website, "Laboratory studies have shown that high doses of vitamin C may slow the growth and spread of prostate, pancreatic, liver, colon, and other types of cancer cells"

The National Institute of Health on Vitamin C...

“Many laboratory studies have been done to try to [determine if] high-dose vitamin C may cause the death of cancer cells. The anticancer effect of vitamin C in different types of cancer cells involves a chemical reaction that makes hydrogen peroxide, which may kill cancer cells.

The National Cancer Institute says laboratory studies have shown the following:

  • Treatment with high-dose vitamin C slowed the growth and spread of prostate, pancreatic, liver, colon, malignant mesothelioma, neuroblastoma, and other types of cancer cells.

  • Combining high-dose vitamin C with certain types of chemotherapy may be more effective than chemotherapy alone:

    • Ascorbic acid with arsenic trioxide may be more effective in ovarian cancer

    • Ascorbic acid with gemcitabine may be more effective in pancreatic cancer

    • Ascorbic acid with gemcitabine and epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) may be more effective in malignant mesothelioma cells.

  • Another laboratory study suggested that combining high-dose vitamin C with radiation therapy killed more glioblastoma multi-formed cells than radiation therapy alone.”

Hyperbaric Oxygen

The use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) has been approved for over a dozen health conditions such as, carbon monoxide poisoning, gangrene and injuries in which tissues are not getting enough oxygen.

Humans depend upon the consumption of oxygen all the time. Most atmospheric air is comprised of roughly 21% oxygen. Oxygen is necessary for the production of cellular energy within the mitochondria of every cell. The use of pure 100% oxygen in a high pressure atmosphere (HBOT) has been shown to accelerate the healing process.

The hyperbaric chamber has pure oxygen administered at pressures 1.5 – 3 times the normal atmospheric pressure. Treatment times ranging from 30-90 minutes. Administering oxygen at higher pressures causes up to 20 times more oxygen to be absorbed by the blood and transferred to injured organs and tissues. This accelerates healing and recovery time, in addition to other benefits.

"A healthy cell breathes oxygen for energy. A cancer cell shuns oxygen and ferments sugar instead for its energy requirements." -Science Daily

Essentially cancer cells have a non-oxygen metabolism, preferring sugar as source of fuel. By flooding the patient's blood with oxygen doctors are able to create a safe and non-toxic method for killing cancer cells.


After Stacy’s 3 week stay at CHIPSA, it would be up to her and her husband Joe to continue to strengthen her body and immune system by following a strict diet and treatment protocol.

She maintained that being disciplined with the at-home treatments, while not easy, were 100% necessary.

Seven months later, a scan showed that her cancer had completely disappeared!!!

“I truly believe that CHIPSA Hospital saved my wife’s life.” , say’s Stacy’s husband Joe.

“It was a combination of CHIPSA’s treatments along with the guidance of the naturopath, ” said Stacy. “We just kept on going, even while on hospice. I believe that the natural foods and the natural supplements are what cleared up the cancer.”

What Does This Mean For Cancer Treatments?

Stacy has now been cancer free for 4 years.  Just 2 years ago, she joined 21 other survivors at CHIPSA’s “Celebration of Life” event.

“The survivors are your family,” she said. “These are people going through the same things that you’ve gone through, and we’re all still hear. It’s great that we get to celebrate that with the researchers and doctors and other patients.”

Stacy knew that her cancer diagnosis would change her life, but what she didn’t know is that it, would change it for the better!

"Celebration of Life" Survivors Event

We are not in any way, shape or form, stating that we have a cure for cancer. It’s very common to see alternative practitioners making claims that one substance or “thing” is an all out cure.

We know from our experience in treating cancer for 39 years, that cancer is very complex and always evolving. There is no 100% cure.

What we do know, however, is that CHIPSA has had great success treating many patients like Stacy and others that were sent home to “die” in their home country because conventional medicine failed them.

CHIPSA The Gerson Hospital

We also know, that a 5 year, retrospective Melanoma case study done at our hospital showed a higher success rate treating Melanoma than any treatment available by the establishment. And we do know that many times within a 3-4 week stay, we will see peoples tumor markers be cut in half or go away and large tumors disappear.

We feel that our integrative approach and our 40 years of research into immune function have allowed us to get closer to an answer.

If you or someone you love would like to see how or if CHIPSA may have a treatment for your cancer give us a call at 1-855-624-4772. We will schedule you a free 30 minute appointment to talk to one of our doctors.

Editors Note: Stacy has also documented much of her journey on her YouTube Channel. You can see what she is up to here: