From Wheelchair To Walking! How Amanda L. Beat Stage 3 Cancer at CHIPSA!

Amanda L. was diagnosed with an aggressive bone cancer called chondroblastic osteosarcoma in March of 2017. By the time her doctors discovered it, the disease had metastasized and advanced to stage 3. Amanda was told it was non-curative.

But nearly two years after her initial diagnosis, Amanda is still alive to share her story, and remarkably, she’s cancer free.

Here’s how she did it.

Amanda initially treated her cancer conventionally under the care of the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida. She underwent an initial back surgery, 27 rounds of radiation, and 5 rounds of MAP (methotrexate, DOXOrubicin, cISplatin) chemotherapy with 48-hour infusions.

Unfortunately, 6 months later, follow-up scans showed that her tumor was growing again. She tried an experimental drug that left her very sick and no closer to curing her cancer. “My prognosis was looking pretty grim,” she said.

But then she started to do some research. After reading reviews of alternative ways to treat cancer, she decided to implement principles from the Gerson Therapy on her own. That’s when she discovered CHIPSA Hospital in Tijuana, Mexico.

She wavered back and forth about making the trip to Mexico, especially since she was in a lot of pain at the time. But then she realized that her pain was actually a reason to just go. “My heart kept leading me back,” she said. “I was in pain. I was in a wheelchair. I was in the emergency room every other week. I had no quality of life at that point. What did I have to lose?”

And when it comes to her journey with CHIPSA, Amanda only has one regret: that she didn’t come sooner.

Arriving at CHIPSA in a wheelchair and on several pain medications, Amanda was ready to try all of CHIPSA’s integrative treatments. All she was really looking for at that point was a better quality of life.

Three weeks later, right around Thanksgiving, Amanda arrived back at home feeling much different than when she left. She was no longer on any pain medications, and she felt great. “I just knew I was better,” she said.

And her doctors confirmed it. Her doctors wheeled her in for another back surgery shortly after she returned home, and they came out telling her she was cancer free.

Amanda is not only cancer free, she’s also pain free. She has resumed her former active lifestyle riding horses, coaching children, and raising her stepdaughter. She feels she owes all of that to CHIPSA: “I really was out of options. So to be cancer free to me is just a second lease on life.

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