Historic Event Unites 22 Late-Stage Cancer Survivors with Top Scientists From Around the World!

Last November, CHIPSA Hospital hosted a unique, first-of-its-kind event celebrating the lives of 22 late stage cancer survivors who, according to doctors, shouldn’t even be alive. Surrounded by world-renowned doctors, scientists, and researchers, these patients shared their inspiring stories of how they healed their terminal disease when conventional treatment had failed them.

CHIPSA is not an ordinary hospital. For one, we take patients who are typically told they have no other treatment options left. We then offer those patients innovative immunotherapies that aren’t available anywhere in the United States.

Our collaborative event highlighted the patients who have benefited from those types of therapies, featuring people on all ends of the treatment spectrum: the researchers who developed them, the doctors who administered them, and the patients who received them.

The therapies CHIPSA uses have long been criticized by conventional medical communities, but many have recently begun to be legitimized. Some are even being approved by the FDA for use in the U.S. But it’s hospitals like CHIPSA, and the research community who bolsters it, that are doing the work to make cancer survival a reality.

We at CHIPSA stay abreast of the most current research in immunotherapy with the help of their scientific advisory board made up of the most experienced and prestigious scientists in the field. 

The patients, researchers, and doctors at this event have made history in their success at overcoming late-stage cancer. Some of the patients treated at CHIPSA were told they wouldn’t see another 6 months, only to go on living for over 30 years.

“It’s not every day that you meet another stage-4 or late stage-3 cancer survivor,” said Bailey O., a 22-year-old melanoma survivor. She described the experience of meeting the fellow survivors as “humbling.” It’s rare enough to be a late-stage cancer survivor, let alone meet another– or twenty-one others. It’s certainly not something that happens every day.

But CHIPSA hopes to change that.

What is that idea?

Although crazy to some and impossible to many, our “big idea” is to cure cancer. We imagine a future in which a late-stage cancer diagnosis does not have to equal a death sentence. One where a grandmother can meet her first grandchild, a father can walk his daughter down the aisle, and a husband can grow old with his wife. One where people can survive.

So what is CHIPSA doing differently to treat cancer? 

Following the lead of some of the world’s most distinguished scientists, including Dr. Franco Marincola,  Dr. Vijay Mahant, and Dr. Phillip Kim, CHIPSA focuses on healing cancer with the aid of the body’s own, powerful, immune system. Our cutting-edge integrative treatments include methods like the Gerson Therapy, Coley’s Therapy, low-dose chemotherapy, and immunotherapies such as checkpoint inhibitors and dendritic cell treatments. Patients at CHIPSA work to nurture their bodies instead of poison them.

The “A Celebration of Life” event painted a picture of a world where curing cancer doesn’t seem so impossible. But that world can’t exist if this knowledge and research stays bottled up within a small community. There’s a bigger picture at stake.

“This is huge,” says one survivor. “It’s not about the hospital. It’s not just about us. It’s about getting it out to a larger part of the world.”