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Ibogaine Treatment

ibogaineTreatment at the Ibogaine Institute at CHIPSA Hospital refers to receiving a dose of an Ibogaine extract, an herbal compound derived from the root of an African plant called tabernanthe iboga, as part of a multi-day, residential detoxification therapy program.
The patient is under constant care in our friendly hospital environment. Because your ibogaine treatment is administered in the world-famous CHIPSA Hospital, you will have access to cutting edge treatment, English speaking staff, and a welcoming therapeutic environment.

An overview of the treatment includes:

  • Ibogaine Therapy is a 24 to 36 hour experience at our Hospital
  • Modified Gerson therapy and liver detox
  • Bio Nuero Feedback
  • Therapeutic Activities: massage, yoga, counseling
  • Long Term Sobriety Planning

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ibogaine treatment
Ibogaine Treatment is known to have the ability to reduce or stop drug cravings and withdrawal symptoms, and to help people think about their life by producing strong, dream-like experiences that may help people to make positive decisions about their health and recovery from drug use.

The Ibogaine Institute at CHIPSA Hospital specializes on detoxification for heroin, methadone, cocaine, and prescription pain medicine dependence; and also as a potential tool for people to use in psychotherapy (“talk therapy”), treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), eating disorders and/or as a tool for spiritual healing.

Ibogaine interrupts addiction in two ways. The first way involves greatly reducing withdrawal symptoms, cravings and increasing long-term periods of abstinence or reduced use or positive/healthier changes in use patterns. Some of these changes may be attributed to nor-Ibogaine, a chemical the body makes when it metabolizes (breaks down) Ibogaine in the liver.

The second process involves an experience that may be considered psychotherapeutic or emotionally, mentally and/or spiritually healing. People who have taken Ibogaine have described the experience as ‘a dream-like experience’. Some patients report having dream-like visions. It should be noted that not every patients experiences these visions.

Ibogaine is of particular interest in the therapy of substance dependence because it appears to work differently than other approaches to treating addiction that rely on drugs (pharmacotherapies), such as methadone maintenance, suboxone, or subutex.

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