Advanced Immunological Treatment and Research Medical Center

Travel for Ibogaine Treatment

The Ibogaine Institute at Chipsa Hospital admits and treats patients from all over the world, but most of our patients arrive from The United States.

Travel is easy! Patients work with the Patient Coordinator to schedule convenient flights to San Diego International Airport. Our driver retrieves that patient for a quick trip down the beautiful coastline to Chipsa Hospital in Playas.

Once the patient arrives, there will be an administrative check in and patient evaluation. Shortly thereafter, the patient will be assigned a comfortable hospital room, and our staff will begin the pre-treatment protocol.

After the ibogaine administration, the patients will spend the remainder of their recovery in one of our Private Restorative Houses. Upon completion of After Care, the patient is driven back to San Diego and flies out of San Diego International Airport.

Guests are welcome to travel with the patient for support and they can stay at one of our Restorative Houses.

Those patients within driving distance to Chipsa Hospital may make alternative arrangements that best fit the patient’s needs.