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One of the many reasons people seek cancer treatment in Mexico is because of the treatment options. Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT) is believed by many to be one of the easiest ways to target cancer cells without using high doses of chemotherapy. IPT is an integrative cancer treatment that has very little side effects. Standard high dose chemotherapy may damage DNA, may cause hair loss, may lead to liver damage and possibly to the development of cancer.

What makes IPT so innovative and different is the fact that it uses insulin. Cancer cells have 15-25x’s more insulin receptors than normal cells. Cancer’s main source of energy is glucose. IPT uses this to its advantage. The theory is that the insulin opens the cancer cellular membrane to allow superior absorption.

Cancer cells have starving insulin receptors. Insulin should be thought of as the delivery mechanism of the medication. It opens up the cell membrane to deliver targeted chemotherapy directly to the cancer cell. Thus we are able to reduce the amount of chemotherapy used by 80-90%!

Using 38 years of Gerson therapy experience, CHIPSA detoxes the body every single day. We make sure that any lingering medications are out of the body as fast as possible. Our experience in being the number one detox hospital in the world plays a large role as to why we are so successful with our integrative treatments.

Furthermore, we didn’t bring IPT on until we had a more natural combination therapy…

CK3 has become a major buzz word in integrated cancer treatments. We believe the IPT is actually potentiating the CK3 thus allowing massive oxidation targeted at the cancer. This may allows patients to get 2-3 times the effect of a full chemotherapy dose without the harsh side effects.

Doctors from around the world are coming to CHIPSA to study our integrative protocols. We are combining the most cutting edge integrative treatments with our years of immuno-nutrition experience. We believe this allows us to be the most versatile cancer treatment hospital in the world thus being a true immuno-oncology hospital that understands the benefits of nutritional and detox therapies.

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