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Gerson Therapy was developed by Dr. Max Gerson in 1928. The Diet was one of the first natural cancer therapeutics and has been use to treat degenerative disease for more than 80 years. Gerson Therapy consists of an organic, plant-based diet.  It includes fresh pressed organic juices, coffee enemas, and natural supplements. The Gerson Therapy's mission is to restore the body's ability to heal itself. 

After his passing in 1959, Dr. Max Gerson's daughter, Charlotte Gerson wanted to continue her father's work in helping people heal from cancer. She was one of the founding members of CHIPSA Hospital in 1979. Many have attempted the Gerson Therapy and practice over the years, but few have the credentials to declare the positive results. CHIPSA Hospital has been able to maintain remissions in treating malignant cancers and degenerative diseases. 


The medical practice at CHIPSA Hospital has been treating patients through integrative medical protocols since 1979. Over the last several years, CHIPSA has combined the best-known therapies into a potential a leading integrative medical practice. Several of our treatments have achieved long-term results on their own. To our knowledge no other institution has ever combined these individualized protocols together.

Since our inception, we have established the first multidisciplinary integrative medical protocol in North America. It involves the integration of Gerson Therapy along with advanced immune enhancing protocols. A five year melanoma study done at CHIPSA, published in peer reviewed medical journals, yielded over a 600% increase in five year survival for Stage 4 melanoma.


CHIPSA also believes it is very important for patients to focus on their mental health when dealing with cancer. One of the doctors who had been with CHIPSA for 38 years  said,  “I have never seen a patient that is overwhelmingly negative survive their cancer." 

  "Does that mean that just because you’re positive you will live? No."

"But from my experience negative people don’t make it.”, he goes on “I believe that there is an emotional aspect to most cancers. I like to find out what the emotional trauma is and have our team work on that for the patient and let them release it. Many patients claim they have a spiritual enlightenment when they’re at the hospital."

CHIPSA hired 2 full time psychologists to support patients in dealing with past emotional trauma and other fears associated with a cancer diagnosis. We also have weekly meetings for patients and supporters as a part of every patients stay. We use a unique system of Western and Eastern techniques to get to the root cause of trauma.


Next to the treatments at CHIPSA, healing at home is probably the most important  aspect of healing from cancer. It is also the most neglected. CHIPSA understands this and is fully committed to helping patient long term. 

We have developed several aftercare protocols to ensure that patients stay on course.

This includes regularly scheduled doctor calls, online resource centers, and a private Facebook group.

Whenever a question or concern arises, CHIPSA is here for you.


Each of the doctors at CHIPSA take an individualized clinical approach to patient treatment. We take pride into getting to know our patients so we can provide the most customized treatment available. This unique approach to treating cancer has been the cornerstone of our success.

In fact, some of the treatments that we have been using for over 20 years have recently been granted FDA approval with only minor changes to the treatment. 

The reason CHIPSA has been able to be on the forefront of such developments for 38 years is our winning teams eagerness to always be open to new ideas and possibilities.

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The CHIPSA Promise

Welcome to The CHIPSA Promise™. We stand behind our patients and want you to be informed. Welcome to hope.

CHIPSA Hospital is an international leader for providing cutting edge integrative medicine. We believe that if you are presented with all of the facts, that you and your loved ones can make the best decision for your health.

Here is our CHIPSA Promise™ to you:

1. All of your pre-approval Doctor Consultations are free… always.

2. We will support you in any decision you make about your health, even if you do not come to CHIPSA. You matter… always.

3. You will receive a written game plan from our Medical Team with clear prices to decide what’s best… always.

4. If we think we can help you, we will tell you. If we do not think we can help you, we will tell you… always.

Don't wait on hope. Act now and see what options you have.​

“Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear.”

CHIPSA Success Stories...

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Laura was blind in her left eye when she came to CHIPSA Hospital...a rare form of brain cancer had created a tumor ran from her brain, out her nose and actually fractured her skull. She found out all of this, just prior to getting married. Doctors in the United States had given her anywhere from 6-12 months to live, even with full dose chemotherapy. 

Refusing the death sentence given to her by doctors in the United States, Laura and her new husband "risked" and made her way to CHIPSA. Due to the tumor in her skull, Laura could not fly because of the cabin pressure and she drove all the way from Knoxville, TN to Mexico.

Over 12 months later from when that doctor gave Laura her death sentence, she is still here, healing from cancer. 

What The Conventional and Alternative Sides Both Get Right...


  • Nutritional Foundation
  • Detoxification of The Body
  • Restoring The Body's Own Healing Mechanisms
  • Mental Approach To Healing


  • Killing Cancer Cells Aggressively 
  • Diagnostic Tests
  • Early Detection 
  • Drug Based Treatments
The CHIPSA Promise To You:

1. All of your pre-approval Doctor Consultations are free… always.

2. We will support you in any decision you make about your health, even if you do not come to CHIPSA. You matter… always.

3. You will receive a written game plan from our Medical Team with clear prices to decide what’s best… always.

4. If we think we can help you, we will tell you. If we do not think w can help you, we will tell you… always.

Don’t wait on hope. Act now and see what options you have.

Your Partner In Your Healing Journey From Cancer.

CHIPSA is committed to supporting your healing in anyway possible. Below are some benefits of our Patient After Care Program..

Access to a private Facebook Group

CHIPSA has a private facebook group where our patients can interact with each other and our support staff. We understand that sometimes just being able to reach out to someone is healing in itself.


Phone support and doctor calls

After you return home, our patient support staff will help you to schedule regular follow-up calls with a CHIPSA physician. These calls are essential to your healing process and are important for the maintenance of your treatment. 


Free 3 Month Patient Follow-Up

CHIPSA patients will be encouraged to come back to Mexico and receive a free follow-up appointment with their CHIPSA doctor. This follow-up will include blood work and in person recommendations on further treatment options.

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