Joe Rogan Shouts out CHIPSA Hospital CEO, Ed Clay Regarding Stem Cells

Joe Rogan, host of the The Joe Rogan experience, talked about 3  different stem cell locations in recent podcast with Action Bronson.

In that podcast he mentioned CHIPSA Hospital in Playas De Tijuana and CHIPSA founder Ed Clay.

Ed Clay is a long time friend of Joe Rogan and a fellow Brazilian jiu-jitsu blackbelt. 

Eddie Bravo, who is close friends with both Joe Rogan and Ed Clay came down to CHIPSA Hospital at the end of 2019 for Stem Cell treatment on his knee, back and shoulder. 

“Lets do this”, Eddie describes his conversation with Ed Clay when he decided to come to CHIPSA Hospital.

They have known each other for years as Eddie used to write for Submission Fighter Magazine, which Ed Clay owned.

Cellular Performance Institute (CPI)

The Cellular Performance Institute is opening in May and all of CHIPSA’s stem cell treatments will be moved to this location on the beach less than a mile away. 

This new facility has a world class cellular manufacturing and bioinformatics lab along with 7,000 square feet of treatment space. It also includes a compound pharmacy where fresh IV medications are made on a daily basis including but not limited to IV NAD+, IV vitamin C, IV B vitamins, glutathione and much more!

The Cellular Performance Institute also includes IV Ozone treatments, a 8 person hyperbaric oxygen chamber, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, Hocatt ozone sauna, 3 in 1 infrared sauna, conference room with pod work areas and a beachfront view.

Professional Athletes Going to CPI

Two of the three owners at CPI are Brazilian jiu-jitsu blackbelts.

Scott Nelson, one of the owners, has been in the jiu jitsu scene since the late 90’s. He is also the founder On The Mat and Lucky Gi. Scott was one of the first Americans to move to Brazil and train BJJ. 

Ed Clay is a former MMA fighter and trainer. He built Nashville MMA into one of the largest MMA gyms in the country and owned Gameness. He sold both in 2011 to work in healthcare.

Two time, UFC bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz frequently goes to CHIPSA for hyperbaric oxygen and PEMF therapy and did stem cells for his knee 3 weeks before his last fight. 

ADCC champions Dean Lister and Rafael Lavato Jr. also have also received stem cell treatments at CHIPSA.

For the last 6 years CHIPSA has treated many athletes in the friend circle but has not been open or available to the public. CPI looks to give everyone the same access.

Anti Aging at CPI

The treatments at the CPI are not just limited to professional athletes. 

Many older patients have been coming from all over the world to take advantage of the anti aging protocols here to improve quality of life.

In addition to the Stem Cells injections, of special note is the anti inflammatory protocol that all patients undergo. This has been very beneficial for older patients and includes:

  • IV NAD+
  • Vitamin IV Infusions
  • PEMF 
  •  IV Ozone 
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen 
  • Infrared Sauna

What’s Next?

CPI is opening at the end of May and we are very excited to to make our stem cell treatments more accessible for everybody.

If you or someone you love would like information on any of our stem cell protocols, please click the button below or give us a call at 1-(888)-667-3640. We will schedule you a free 30 minute appointment to talk to one of our doctors at no charge. 

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