How Joyce F. Healed Stage IV Hodgkins With Gerson Therapy

urlThe day Joyce F. found a giant mass of cancerous tumors in her abdomen was in July of 2005, at the time she was the ripe age of 68.

As you can imagine, she was, well, scared to say the least. She later went to the oncologists at Dana Farber for help, getting PET/CT scans from them…

The scans revealed that her spleen had grown to roughly the size of a football. They decided to completely remove her spleen and then to do a biopsy, which showed information that proved their suspicions, Joyce had a devastating case stage IV mantle cell, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. That’s bad…

The oncologist from Dana Farber then recommended her “a cocktail” of four different chemotherapy drugs for the treatment of her cancer. The hope of the doctor was that the drugs would hopefully put her cancer into remission for at least a couple of years.

She had learned about Dr. Max Gerson’s therapy 30 years earlier, and as a long-time subscriber to the Gerson newsletter, had always planned to start the Gerson Therapy if she ever were to get cancer. So, she decided to turn down the chemotherapy option and told her oncologist that she would do Gerson’s holistic cancer Therapy instead. He reminded her that the cancer was stage IV and said,

Nutrition wouldn’t hurt, but it wouldn’t help.

She had previously read Dr. Gerson’s book and the many patient cases in the newsletters over the years.
The oncologist’s warnings were apparently no deterrent for her.

Now retired, Joyce’s husband Pete and her felt quite up to the task of rebuilding her body with hourly fresh vegetable juices and doing all that is required by the Therapy. Along with the hard work involved, there was some humor. Pete told me that one time the grocery clerk, ringing up the 20-pound bag of carrots, commented, “I know. You have a horse!”

They were both overjoyed as her lab results began showing the healing taking place. She had not been on the Gerson Therapy long when she took her latest lab reports with her to an appointment with the oncologist. The oncologist took one look at the lab results and exclaimed, “These are absolutely fantastic!” she soon received a letter from him saying,

Keep doing what you are doing. The chemo would not have cured your cancer anyway.”

Although the lymphoma specialist at Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston was in charge of her case, CT scans, blood tests and cancer marker tests were done at their local cancer center, and she met with her local oncologist regularly for interpretation of the results. Her local oncologist told her at the end of five years that there was no need for Joyce to keep coming to see her; however she did say she didn’t want to lose touch with Joyce’s case.

She also said she thinks of Joyce often when she prescribes other patients the drugs that were recommended for me. She said “Had you taken the recommended chemo, I doubt you’d be alive today.” Joyce asked if she would be willing to send her a copy of the annual lab results ordered by her internist for her future physicals. she told her that she would welcome that. “Seriously,” she said, “we doctors need to know about your success.”

Gerson Therapy Foods

Gerson Therapy Foods

The following week, she went to the oncologist’s internist for her annual physical. After the exam, she commented, “You could be a poster girl for how a woman of 73 should be eating.” In Joyce’s annual report, she wrote:

Joyce has healed her own cancer following Gerson Therapy to the ‘T’.”

-Joyce F., December 2013