Learn how CHIPSA is Different!!

Dear Friends,

So far 2018 has been a year of great gains in our treatment of cancer at The CHIPSA Hospital. The CHIPSA  Approach™ has been a simple one; forget our ego and preconceived notions of what works in treating cancer and be open to all possibilities. This includes considering both natural and man made medications for the treatment of what is now considered incurable stage 4 cancer.

This approach is a different one than has been used in the past. Our experience tells us that the alternative and conventional sides of medicine have long been at odds with each other as to what is the best treatment. Each side casts giant stones at the other, all the while, millions of people are dying of cancer every year.

When CHIPSA Hospital reopened in August of 2015 after being closed for two years, it reopened with part of the old staff, many of whom worked with the legendary pioneer Charlotte Gerson. But it also reopened with a new group of doctors and scientists who are passionate to evolve alongside the latest scientific developments to fight this disease. CHIPSA has used nearly every natural method known and the fact is, in many cases, many of those methods simply are not enough. That’s not to say we haven’t seen amazing results in patients who adhere to natural therapies, we simply aren’t satisfied with those results alone.

In January of 2017 we hired an award winning oncologist from MD Anderson. This was an unprecedented move for a Mexican hospital and one that drew harsh words from critics of anything considered to “conventional medicine”. But this move signaled a change of tide in our relentless pursuit to have the best treatments possible for our patients. This U.S. oncologist was open to alternatives to the status quo and drastically lowering the doses of chemotherapy, while mixing with insulin. He has seen the devastation of high doses of chemotherapy destroying patients’ immune system and after 30+ years he had enough. He spent the entire year of 2017 training our doctors on the use of IPT and we are happy to say that in 2018 we are using even less of this medication which means even less side effects!

The great start to 2018 gave us the momentum to further our research on Apatone, a drug with the amazing potential of increasing the effectiveness of chemotherapy without toxic side effects. A drug that in some studies has shown to increase the potency of chemotherapy by over 600%. A drug that had a phase 1 FDA trial in 2006 that showed great promise but lack of funds kept it from going through the ‘billion dollar’ FDA clinical trial process for market approval. We are proud to say that after 16 months of work and research at CHIPSA, in November of 2017, Mexican based distributor Uno Medica got Apatone approved in Mexico. Due to the hard work of the CHIPSA staff and our collaborators Apatone is now available to patients all over the world that want to use it with or without chemotherapy.

As we were supporting the development of Apatone we were able to see the true potential and promise of Mexico. Building a bridge to one U.S. oncologist and a small group of scientists working on Apatone was a start.  To make great gains we knew we needed to form great alliances. We believe in a bigger vision. One that aligns our hospital in Mexico with some of the top scientists in the world; fast tracking research and embodying the very meaning of translational medicine.


In October of 2017, CHIPSA treated our first prostate cancer patient with Vallovax. This prostate cancer patient had stage 4 cancer with metastasis to multiple bones. We are thrilled to say that at his 6 month follow up PET scan he is completely cancer free! Though it is still very early in his treatment, the initial result was remarkable. As of August 1st CHIPSA has treated over 150 patients with Vallovax and have seen multiple complete responses verified by imaging at month 3 and 6. This trial will end at the end of the year and a full scientific paper will be written and published in a highly respected peer reviewed journal.

In 2018 we have strategic collaborations with 3 companies doing amazing work in oncology and immuno-oncology. These companies, IC-Medtech, Batu Biologics, and Immunicom are on the forefront of innovative treatments. These collaborations have given us access to some of the top scientists in the world who don’t care about the politics of medicine and simply want to cure cancer.

To find the Scientists we needed the support of our collaborators and also needed to be vulnerable and reach out to as many of the leading scientists in immunotherapy and genetic testing. We knew if we could be a part of what they’re working on, that we could apply it to our methodology faster than anyone and use it to benefit our patients and the rest of the world while also furthering their research.

So in 2018 we focused on bringing some of these scientists onto our Scientific Advisory Board to support us in advancing treatments for patients. We are honored to say that one of the top tumor immunologists in the world, Dr. Francesco Marencola has joined our board. Dr. Marencola was the former Chief of Immunogenetics from the National Institute of Health. (NIH) He is the co-author of “Cancer Immunotherapy Principles and Practice”, the only text book for Oncologists on how to use Immunotherapy for cancer. His two co-authors are some of our hero’s , Dr. Lisa Butterfield and Dr. Howard Kaufman. He has also worked closely with another hero at the NIH, Dr. Polly Matzinger

Also joining our board is  a long term leader in cutting edge diagnostics, Dr. Vijay Mahant. Dr. Mahant did his 2nd post doctorate at MD Anderson and has invented prostate cancer tests that are seen in doctor offices around the world. He is the cofounder of Auto-Genomics and has been a leader in the field of liquid biopsy. His expertise includes matching a patients’ DNA with the correct medication and his contributions have saved millions of lives.

Another brilliant Scientist named Dr. Phillip Kim joined our board. Dr. Kim received a fellowship through the NIH to do his post doctorate at the Mayo Clinic. He is the former VP of Research and Development at Auto-Genomics and is the inventor of “The Immune Pod”.

This pod is a medical device that attaches to a patient’s body and capturing a reprogramming the blood as it passes through to recognize and attack cancer. Like Dr. Mahant and Dr. Marencola he is a leader in diagnostics and immune diagnostics and is working with our team to design a test that can determine the strength of someones immune system to fight cancer.

2018 is a year we are making even more gains in the advancement of treating cancer. Our treatments will combine the very best of nutritional and natural therapies, utilizing cytotoxic agents like Apatone and Insulin Potentiated Therapy [IPT] and cutting edge immunotherapies like checkpoint inhibitors, ValloVax and immunopheresis. Our high quality Coley’s fluid is still the strongest driver of innate immunity that we know of and is one of the longest standing treatments at CHIPSA. We are very excited to further study the synergy between Coley’s and these new immunotherapies as early results have been promising along with being open to working with one of the drivers of Coley’s fluid as an adjuvant, CPG.


IPT + Apatone

The method and timing of these treatments is something that we have followed closely and our methodology will be based off of our understanding of the immune cycle. The average patient will receive IPT every 10 days with Apatone before and after to create maximum damage to the cancer cells. We will prime the immune system before this treatment with Coley’s fluid and other immune modulators. We will stimulate dendritic cells, natural killer cells and macrophages in between this period to recognize and clear as much of the cancer as fast as we possibly can. And we will strategically use Vallovax both in combination with our other treatments and alone with the hope to damage and destroy the blood supply to the tumors.

In late July we started the build out of our cutting edge diagnostic and cellular lab being built to GMP standards. This lab will allow us to make in house dendritic cell and NK cell treatments personalized from our patients own blood. This will also allow fast access to liquid biopsy findings that can support us in finding the best medications, natural and man made for the treatment of cancer. This tool will also be of great benefit when patients go home so our doctors can collaborate with their local physician based on scientific liquid biopsy findings.

Our knowledge is gaining traction and momentum every single day and we will take every bit of our experience and knowledge to bring the best treatments we can to our patients.  We are in the middle of a medical revolution for cancer. It is our goal to work with every side and every idea that is open to being scientifically proven.