“My husband searched the Internet and he found CHIPSA in Mexico. I was admitted and spent two months. The doctors, nurse and all the staff were wonderful – they made me feel right at home and we were like a big family.”

CHIPSA Location

CHIPSA Medical Center is approximately 30 minutes from the Mexico/USA Border Entry.

A private shuttle may be arranged to transport you from San Diego Lindbergh International Airport to CHIPSA Hospital as when requested.

Hospital Facility Location and Directions

CHIPSA (easy access from anywhere in California) is approximately 3 miles south of the US/Mexico border crossing and 40 miles south of San Diego, California. Transportation to the CHIPSA Medical Center from San Diego Lindbergh International Airport (approx. 45 minutes) can be arranged when you make your reservations. If you are planning to arrive at San Diego Airport, please call us so we can help make your transport and visit comfortable and worry free.

Hospital Address
Nubes 670 Esquina Creston
Secc.Jardines Del Sol
Playas Tijuana, Baja California
Mexico CP 22505

Before arriving at San Diego Airport, please contact us and request a CHIPSA Shuttle.

We provide a “Courtesy Shuttle” for your visit with us by first addressing you comfort and safe arrival, travel companions are also welcome. We are committed to assisting your transportation needs from the San Diego community area to CHIPSA Hospital.

Call for assistance, to help arrange flight reservations for your stay. If making reservations independently, arrange as far in advance of your admittance as possible.

  • Please attempt to arrange to arrive on a weekday, if possible.
  • Book your flight to San Diego’s Lindbergh International Airport
  • Upon arrival, proceed to Travel Aid Desk near Baggage Claim
  • A CHIPSA driver will meet you with a CHIPSA sign nearby Baggage area
  • Let us know if a wheel chair, oxygen or special care is needed.

Directions from San Diego via USA/Mexico border crossing

Take the US highway 5 or 805 south (the 5 and 805 merge into each other just before the border) to the San Ysidro border crossing. If you do not need to declare anything for customs, you should continue on through the border crossing without pulling off to the right for customs.

NOTE: Almost all RVs and vehicles with trailers will be asked to go through customs, so if you have an RV or trailer, you should plan to go directly into the customs lane. This is usually a quick and painless process of allowing the border officials to visually inspect the contents of your vehicle and trailer. If you are respectful and polite, everything will go smoothly.

If you are planning on driving to the CHIPSA hospital destination southwest of Tijuana, it is recommended that you take the most direct route through Tijuana to the Ensenada toll road (Highway 1D). The first few minutes of driving in Tijuana can be a difficult experience, but if you remain calm and follow the directions below, you should do just fine. After the first few highway exits and on ramps, the road opens up, and you can relax and enjoy the ride!

Once through the border crossing, get in the third lane from the left and stay in that lane which leads to Highway 1D,. There are a number of quick turnoffs and merging lanes, but if you stay calm, drive slowly, and stay in the third lane to the left, you will be in the correct lane to make the turnoff for the Ensenada toll road. As the highway curves to the left, look for the Ensenada toll road sign on your right. You only get a few seconds warning because the exit is only a few feet past the sign on the right… but you will be in the correct lane to easily exit towards CHIPSA hospital.

After the Ensenada exit, you will find traffic from another road merging with your lane. Stay calm and allow the other vehicles to merge into your lane with you. Now you are on your way to a safe and pleasant drive out towards the Pacific Ocean coast and CHIPSA. Continue to follow any signs pointing towards the Ensenada toll road. You will basically drive parallel to the US/Mexico border until you are near to the Ocean, then the highway cuts south, and continues on towards Ensenada. The CHIPSA hospital is nearby, now you can relax as you will soon be able to recognize the CHIPSA hospital as the tallest building on your right, during the remaining next few blocks, before going south on the road to Ensenada.

Hotels in Tijuana

Tijuana is an exciting town to visit, however we do not recommend driving your vehicle in Tijuana if you are not planning to drive beyond Tijuana. If the intent of your trip is to stay exclusively in Tijuana, we highly recommend that you park your car in one of the many parking lots on the US side of the border. Then take the 5 minute bus ride across the border into Tijuana where a CHIPSA patient services representative transport you directly to the hospital.

The Tijuana Cultural Center is one of the Zona Rio’s principal attractions. It features exhibits of works by regional, national and international artists. This hotel is situated less than five minutes from the border and 15 minutes from San Diego. Each room is equipped with a king size bed or two double beds, bathroom, tv and a desk. Enjoy the impeccable service, which will further enhance your stay. The staff is professional and friendly, delivering unparalleled service. There is no charge for one child with a paying adult.

San Diego, California:

Comfort Suites Otay Mesa, San Diego: Rates $71.99 – $125.99
Best Western Americana Inn, San Diego: Rates $55.00 – $69.00
Travelodge San Diego South, San Ysidro: Rates $50.96 – $98.95


Festival Plaza Hotel, Rosarito: Rates $179.95 – $209.95
Hotel Real Del Rio, Tijuana: Rates $81.00 – $247.00
Residence Inn Real Del Mar, Tijuana: Rates $116.00 – $159.00
Grand Hotel Tijuana, Tijuana Baja: Rates $89.00 – $140.00