New Cancer Vaccine Combination Slows Down Tumor Growth

At the most recent meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research, a company named Immunovaccine Incorporated presented its research stating that a new combination based therapy had shown results in inhibiting the growth of certain advanced tumors.

The first part of the combination therapy is a vaccine called Depo Vax. Depo Vax is a vaccine that provides long lasting exposure to antigens, which are toxic elements to the body. It does this in small amounts so the body produces a response from the immune system.The vaccine is both strong and specific to tumors with human papilloma virus, making it effective.

Researchers found that Depo Vax, when used together with chemotherapy, strengthened proteins that fought cell tumors. A third treatment, called monoclonal antibody treatment, would then be used to further fight the cancerous cells. Doctors said this combination therapy is showing tremendous promise and they are looking for ways to expand it to a broader range of patients. It also has been showing promise in treating tumors that are not normally responsive to these kinds of therapies.

Depo Vax also increases the activation of T cells which infiltrate tumors when used with another vaccine called mCPA. A separate study was done on these two drugs used together, and the researchers found that this combination therapy led to more control and regulation of tumor growth. The two vaccines elicited a response specific to the antigen of a tumor that caused more immune system activity against the tumor itself. The Stanford University Oncology researchers stated that these findings supported their idea that the combination therapy would be more effective than the original treatment.

Due to the effectiveness of Depo Vax and the understanding of how it works, researchers think this can aid future trials to help fight an increasing variety of cancers. It is also practical for commercial purposes, because it has the potential for years of use and it is easy to use in a clinic. Depo Vax also has impressive flexibility. The vaccine has also served as a basis for research on non cancer diseases, thereby expanding its usefulness and range of impact.