Proof of Concept Established for New Cancer Vaccine

A company called Nanobiotix has established proof of concept (POC) for a new product in the fight against cancer. Proof of concept means that there is evidence that the new drug could be effective. The product is a new and innovative way to fight cancer at the cellular level.

The product is called NBTXR3 and is being developed in Paris. It has not yet entered the trial phase to test for safety and effectiveness, but the preclinical POC status it currently occupies means it the drug is scientifically practical.

The immuno-oncology program at Nanobiotix thinks the best way to fight cancer is to find ways to stimulate the immune system so it is better at marking tumor cells for elimination. According to the company, the new product allows a higher dose of simultaneous radiotherapy to be delivered to the tumor while reducing the damage done to the surrounding system of healthy cells.

It is currently being studied in patients with soft tissue sarcoma, but the researchers believe it could eventually be used in a wide variety of cancer treatments. The indications are that the vaccine with radiotherapy is superior to radiotherapy alone. This could mean that more patients would begin to respond to immuno oncology. The CEO of Nanobiotix said, “These promising preliminary proof-of-concept results show that NBTXR3 may have the power to not only destroy cancer cells more effectively than by radiotherapy alone, but also to enhance the immunogenicity of the tumor. This new program could potentially broaden the use of our product NBTXR3 beyond its current development plan and, if successful, increase the effectiveness of IO in more patients.”