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Why Does CHIPSA Use Blonde Roast Coffee for Enemas?

Coffee enemas are an integral part of the Gerson Therapy protocol used here at CHIPSA, as they help to detoxify the liver. But not all coffee is created equal, and when it comes to enemas, it’s crucial to use the right kind. Our researchers are always staying abreast of which coffee has shown the greatest efficacy in disease treatment, and much of their experience with enemas dates all the way back to the 1970s. Gar Hildenbrand, CEO of Gerson Research Organization and Epidemiologist at CHIPSA, explains why the hospital only uses S.A. Wilson’s Organic Gold Roast coffee.

CHIPSA’s decision to use S.A. Wilson’s “blonde roast” was actually based upon foundational research from several decades ago. Hildenbrand has been studying coffee since 1978, and even now in 2019, he points to one particular conversation from back then that indicates why blonde roasts are best for enemas.

That conversation was with Luke Lam, CEO at LKT Laboratories in Minnesota, who at the time was studying coffee in Dr. Lee Wattenberg’s laboratory. In examining all of the different ways to make coffee, Lam discovered that any time coffee was filtered, it lost all of its medicinal properties. This is because the Palmitic Acid salts are attached to microfibers in coffee. When it’s boiled, it’s becomes liberated, but not enough for the microfibers to be able to get through the filters. Another thing that Lam pointed out was that the more coffee was roasted, the more its healing properties were destroyed.

Hildenbrand realized that different levels of coffee roasts were available, some darker than others. He later published an article explaining the phenomenon that Lam discovered and recommending that people avoid anything beyond regular roast. He was then contacted by Scott Wilson from Canada who asked him, “what if the coffee was roasted even less?”

Wilson of S.A. Wilson’s in Canada later sent a letter to Hildenbrand which included laboratory findings of regular roast coffee compared to his blonde roast coffee. He was blown away by the results. The medicinal chemicals cafestol and kahweol in the blonde roast coffee were literally double than that of the lightest regular roast.

Based on both Lam’s and Wilson’s research, CHIPSA’s doctors made changes to the way they perform coffee enemas. For one, they do not use paper or cloth filters for the coffee because they know that it causes it to lose its medical effects. They also only use S.A. Wilson’s blonde roast. The coffee is so medically potent that it even changed the way the doctors dose it.

Gerson’s instructions for regular roast coffee is 3 heaping tablespoons per one liter of water, boiled. We recommend 2 level tablespoons per quart of water because the blonde coffee is going to be way stronger. Using 3 heaping tablespoons of it will probably make you feel bad because these are potent medications. They should be used as directed, not used in innovation.

Hildenbrand strongly believes in the power of coffee enemas not only to detoxify the body, but also to heal cancer and reduce cancer pain. His beliefs are largely based on research from several years ago performed by his colleague Dr. Peter Lechner, who at the time was the Chief of the Second Surgery Department at the University Hospital of Graz, Austria. Lechner approached Hildenbrand and asked him if he thought they could demonstrate a measurable influence of coffee enemas on bioflow. The theory as that if they raised the level of the detoxification enzyme, they would see a raise in the output of the sewer system, as bile is where the toxins go to be ejected from the body.  

Dr. Lechner set up a trial with lab rats. He created a small ostomy pouch for the lab rats out of condom tips and Hollister skin paste. He rooted their bile ducts out so he could catch the bile. He prepared cafestol, the weaker of the two medicinal chemicals in coffee, from Gerson’s boiled coffee recipe, to make tiny 2-milligram rat suppositories out of the cafestol and white wax.  The results showed a 28% statistically significant increase of bile flow in rats. Because rats have the same biosystem as humans, this increased bile flow was also implied in humans.

So Lechner tested the concept in his cancer patients who had a World Health Organization level of cancer pain “2,” which means patients are taking opioids and NSAIDs. These patients were given 2 coffee enemas per day along with the basic Gerson diet. They were observed to decrease their reliance on pain medications by about 75%, which is enormous. They quit taking their pain medications because the coffee enemas provided them with adequate pain control.

The more that Hildenbrand learns about coffee enemas, the more he realizes how powerful they truly are. “Back when Peter did this in the 80s,” he said, “I was under the illusion that this was just detoxification. But now I understand that cancer pain was reduced because the life of the tumor was suppressed or peeled back a little. The tumors themselves were suffering from the coffee.”

Dr. Lechner’s work is a perfect example of how research gets turned into clinical application. It shows that cancer pain can be control by coffee enemas better than opioids and NSAIDS.

Hildenbrand hopes all patients understand that the darker the coffee roast, the less medication it will contain. It thus stands to reason that those performing coffee enemas would be better off using the lightest roast of coffee that they can possibly obtain. Nevertheless, we at CHIPSA Hospital stand by our decision to use S.A. Wilson’s Organic Gold Roast coffee. Our decision is based on both foundational and innovative research, and we are proud to support the tremendous work that Scott Wilson is doing. 

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