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Alternative cancer treatment

CHIPSA Hospital Is No Scam See Why.

 John’s wife was diagnosed with breast Cancer and they decided to seek out Cancer Treatment in Mexico. Click the video above to listen to John’s CHIPSA Hospital Review We Help You Face What Is Likely The Biggest Challenge Of Your Life.We’re real people, trying to help people, who are facing a real problem. It is a challenge […]

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OutPatient Program CHIPSA Hospital Review: Rachael M.

  Rachael Came to CHIPSA Seeking an Alternative Treatment as she had been diagnosed with stage 3 Colon Cancer. In this review, Rachel talks about her experience as part of the outpatient program at CHIPSA Hospital. –  “I had enough of conventional medicine and I did not want to be sick any more” If you […]

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Eric V. Returns to Chipsa Hospital – “I Feel GREAT”

Erick returns to Chipsa Hospital as part of the “Outpatient” Program. –  “My Energy is good” –  “I Couldn’t even drive when I first came out here” –  “I Feel GREAT”   Some of the words he shared with us.   As he continues to progress, we will follow his amazing story.   If you […]

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Liver Cancer Treatment Currently Being Tested Using Nanotechnology

Liver Cancer Treatment

A Liver Cancer Treatment that doesn’t involve completely damaging your health is very uncommon. Thankfully researchers are currently testing a new kind of liver cancer treatment  that doesn’t involve toxic chemicals, radiation, or harmful drugs. Of all the different forms of cancers, the sixth most common type is liver cancer. Thankfully, researchers are forming different types […]

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