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CHIPSA Hospital Success Story: Rita K.

Breast Cancer Patient Rita K. Goes To CHIPSA In Mexico and Shares Her Experience Almost One Year Later! In November of 2017, Rita K. heard the words nobody wants to hear “You Have Cancer”.   Rita described this experience as being “devastated”, “shocked” and “traumatized”. What made this even more frustrating, is that this diagnosis […]

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MRI Contrast Helps Detect Breast Cancer


A new contrast agent used in combination with MRI has been discovered to pinpoint early stages of breast cancer and differentiate aggressive and slow-growing types. According to Dr. Zheng-Rong Lu, one of the researchers at Case Western Reserve University, doing both will help the doctors find the proper treatment as there is no such technology available […]

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Excess Radiation Used in Breast Cancer Treatment


A new study revealed that more than half of older American women who were diagnosed with early breast cancer may get more radiation therapy than they actually need, therefore increasing medical costs. Based on data from 2011, researchers had estimated that around $164 million in costs could have been saved by ordering a shorter radiation […]

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CHIPSA Hospital Is No Scam See Why.

  John’s wife was diagnosed with breast Cancer and they decided to seek out Cancer Treatment in Mexico.   Click the video above to listen to John’s CHIPSA Hospital Review  We Help You Face What Is Likely The Biggest Challenge Of Your Life. We’re real people, trying to help people, who are facing a real […]

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CHIPSA Patient: Joan N.

Chipsa hospital review

Joan Survived Conventional treatment just to find out her cancer had come back. She was unable to walk when she started juicing, and a couple of weeks after, she walked into the hospital to pay for the ambulance bill. As her progress continues, she can feel a very big difference in her lifestyle after going […]

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CHIPSA Hospital Review: Larry R. Brings His Wife

CHIPSA Hospital Review

Connie R., Larry’s wife was diagnosed with stage 4 Lung Cancer and they decided to seek out Cancer Treatment in Mexico. Here is Larry’s CHIPSA Hospital Review “When we first arrived, she couldn’t stop coughing, and shortly after a few weeks into her treatments, her coughing has basically stopped”……are some of the words Larry used […]

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