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Study Shows Better Immunotherapy Outcomes in Tumors with More Mutations


A recent study published in Nature Genetics called “Tumor mutational load predicts survival after immunotherapy across multiple cancer types” revealed that tumors with more mutations had better results with immunotherapy treatment. The study looked at data from 1,662 metastatic cancer patients who received checkpoint inhibitor therapy, and data from over 5,000 patients who were not treated […]

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Autophagy & the Cancer Cell Survival Strategy


Sometimes regular treatments such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy can only do so much against some cancers due to the cancers’ different ways to thrive. However, scientists have found a way by manipulating cellular processes through bypass of one of cancer’s self-preservation mechanisms. Autophagy, a term that means “self-devouring” in Greek, is commonly the cells’ way […]

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New Cancer Vaccine Combination Slows Down Tumor Growth

At the most recent meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research, a company named Immunovaccine Incorporated presented its research stating that a new combination based therapy had shown results in inhibiting the growth of certain advanced tumors. The first part of the combination therapy is a vaccine called Depo Vax. Depo Vax is a […]

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Unraveling the Cancer Genome

caner genome

Unraveling the Cancer Genome   An in-depth look and research into the genomic analysis on a set of molecular and clinical data from over 10,000 tumors constituting to 33 cancer types, also known as the PanCancer Atlas, was finalized by researchers funded by the National Institutes of Health. In a collaboration between National Human Genome […]

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