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New Cancer Vaccine Combination Slows Down Tumor Growth

At the most recent meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research, a company named Immunovaccine Incorporated presented its research stating that a new combination based therapy had shown results in inhibiting the growth of certain advanced tumors. The first part of the combination therapy is a vaccine called Depo Vax. Depo Vax is a […]

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New Partnership Initiates Development of New Cancer Vaccines


 Two companies named Vedantra Pharmaceuticals and Neon Therapeutics have entered a partnership to begin cancer vaccine research. They have decided to do this collaborative work to further develop cancer vaccines that stimulate the body’s immune system and response, so healthy body cells expand and tumor cells can be specifically targeted and eliminated. Both companies have […]

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Advanced Cancer Vaccine enters Phase 1 Trials

In the United Kingdom, a group of researchers have begun trial testing on a new vaccine that will help the human immune system fight advanced cancer. They believe it will help fight cancers that are no longer responding to standard therapy. They are expecting an initial ten participants in the study until other English research […]

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New Development of CAR T-Cell Product Therapies

A recent partnership between Blubird Bio and TC BioPharm has been formed with the intent of developing Gamma Delta CAR T-Cell product therapies for cancer treatment. The agreement was put into place to expand TC BioPharm’s existing Gamma Delta CAR T-Cell program through clinical trials. “Emerging research suggests that gamma delta T cells may constitute […]

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Latest Update on Immunotherapy: Cancer Vaccine

National Cancer Center Singapore [NCCS], released a statement that they will be launching a new therapeutic cancer vaccine treatment. This is a US FDA-approved, human clinical trial for a cancer therapy that is based on the human immune system. The NCCS Trial is significant as it is one of the first trials that is allowed […]

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