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T-Cell “ImmunoMap” Could Increase Response Predictability


Johns Hopkins’ scientists have crafted a digital map, also called “ImmunoMap”, although still undergoing development, that can someday be used to identify which cancer patients will respond successfully to immunotherapies. This digital map addresses the variability of T-cell receptors which are chemical antennas that identify antigens and trigger an immune response. Through this digital map, […]

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Artificial Molecule Shown to Stimulate NKT Cells in Mice

NKT cells

Natural killer T-cells, or NKT Cells, are a secondary type of T-cell that search the body for stressed and abnormal cells, playing significant regulatory roles in numerous immune responses, including anti-tumor responses. These cells can attack cancer cells directly or through the recruitment and activation of other immune cells. The immune responses of NKT cells are initiated through […]

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New Development of CAR T-Cell Product Therapies

A recent partnership between Blubird Bio and TC BioPharm has been formed with the intent of developing Gamma Delta CAR T-Cell product therapies for cancer treatment. The agreement was put into place to expand TC BioPharm’s existing Gamma Delta CAR T-Cell program through clinical trials. “Emerging research suggests that gamma delta T cells may constitute […]

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