Ed Anderson

In July of this year I was diagnosed with terminal bladder cancer! The option given by a conventional surgeon was to immediately remove my bladder and prostate.

I chose an alternative method offered by the CHIPSA hospital in Baja California for a 30-day treatment during August of this year. It’s a treatment that saved my life at age 76.

As far as I’m concerned I’m almost back to normal today (September, 2007) and I feel great. I just have to gain a little more weight. Of course, the home treatment of injections and diet restrictions will continue for about four months but that’s no big hassle. Sure is better than wearing a bag on my side for the rest of my life!

If any of you or your friends are diagnosed with cancer I strongly recommend the treatment I went through. Some of the other patients I met were given up hope by their conventional doctors but were improved and on the way to remission as was I.

One very important strategy with CHIPSA involves Colley’s vaccine, blood photopherisis and growth factors (stem cells) which are not available in the US. CHIPSA has made special arrangements to exclusively import these stem cells from Germany and Austria which have a bank of some 2,700 varieties. Keep it in mind. We’re all at the age when we become ulnerable to this malady. I have personal contacts with the director and others at CHIPSA which now have treatments they didn’t have when I was promoting their hospital.

Another thing: About 85% of the cost can now be defrayed through your current medical coverage by special filings with a firm in Texas. I estimate cost to Medica, in my case, would have approached $175,000 for the invasive surgery and chemo and all the other unknown complications of cancer cells floating around looking for a new home.

Ed Anderson