Margaret Churchill

My name is Margaret Churchill and I was diagnosed with Brest Cancer over twenty-five years ago. The doctors here in Pennsylvania gave me the usual route to go – operations, chemotherapy and so forth. Not at all happy with what I had heard about these things, I decided to go the alternative-therapy direction and was I ever glad I did!

I began the Gerson therapy with these wonderful folks in Mexico in the early 1980’s and was truly amazed at the results I got and how rapidly they came about. Right away, upon my arrival south of the boarder, I was given juices, juices and more juices and good very specialized whole foods – all as a part of the Gerson therapy. I started getting better right away. My cancer started to subside quickly, both before and after I went home. I kept getting better – and feeling better – and went back to teaching school, and in general, living my life again.

My cancer was gone in a few months after I was home and after that I stayed on the Gerson diet and it continued to be effective. I would like to tell everybody that I am still on it (although in a bit rigorous fashion) to this very day!!

I attribute my cancer going away and my continued good health to that decision I made so many years ago to take my healthcare into my own hands and to go the alternative route!

I would like to add that I have enjoyed talking to many people over the years who have health problems now as I did back then and telling them all about the wonderful results I have enjoyed because of the changes I made to my life back then and continue to make into the present.

– Margaret Churchill