Trudy Dosch

My name is Trudy Dosch, I am 64 years of age and a former patient of CHIPSA. In October of 2004, I was diagnosed with liver and lung cancer. My doctor in Toronto, Canada gave me 6 months to live and said nothing could be done.

My daughter had cancer before me; she went through radiation and chemo, which ruined her body. Today,a year later, she still has lots of problems.

After seeing what she went through, I decided not to have chemo or radiation. I went to see a holistic doctor and he came up with the Max Gerson therapy.

My husband searched the internet and found CHIPSA in Tijuana, Mexico. I was admitted on March 3, 2005 and spent two months there. The doctors and nurses and all the staff were wonderful, they make me feel right at home and we were like a big family.

The treatments were specially designed for my cancer and I responded well. Today, I am at home for 3 months. I am still following the special diet. Get my daily liver shot and do coffee enemas. After 6 weeks at home, I sent my blood test to CHIPSA. My doctor, Dr. Lopez e-mailed me the good news. My liver and kidneys are functioning well. I am living a normal life and feel good most of the time. Overall, I do believe in CHIPSA and the Max Gerson therapy and can highly recommend it.

Yours truly,
Trudy Dosch